How to cook a hamburger. Cook the Burger yourself

A sandwich prepared at home kitchen no worse, and in our humble opinion, even tastier than his brother-hamburgers from fast food.

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Prepare the cutlets for hamburger

In beef, gavage-pork, pork or chicken mince add chopped onions, salt, pepper, other spices of your choice and mix thoroughly. The resulting mince put in a plastic bag. The package with the meat placed on the table and roll it with a rolling pin, forming a kind of pellet, of a thickness of about 1 centimeter. Don't forget to do the needle in the top of the pack a few punctures. Put the cake of minced meat in the microwave for maximum power (I have a 800 watt) for 8 minutes. Take out the dish and let it cool down and cut out round cakes the size of biscuits. Of course, flat patties can be fried in a skillet, but personally I prefer the option with a microwave oven.

Mastering the sandwich

The bun for the Burger (you can substitute any other butter biscuits of appropriate size) cut into 2 pieces. And can be cut into 3 parts, then sandwich juicy and pitatelnaya. Both halves of the buns mayonnaise. On the bottom of the sandwich, put onion rings and tomato slices. Then lay thin slices of pickled cucumbers on top and cover with lettuce leaf . Put the cutlet on top and pour the ketchup. On top cover with other half of bun. The hamburger is ready.The order of placing ingredients in a hamburger does not matter. You can change placement of components at its discretion. And if you add another slice of cheese, you get a cheeseburger. Bon app├ętit!

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