How to pickle dishes while cooking. Salt products correctly

The ability to salt food during cooking is akin to art. Let's see how to salt foods in the cooking process.

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To understand what and when to salt, will tell you what are the effects of salt on food.

the Salt helps release juices

Meat and vegetables when cooked sprinkle with salt just before cooking and eating. And the cabbage and zucchini, the juice of which contains the bitterness, on the contrary, sprinkle with salt before cooking, give the juice time to stand out and drained it.

Salt blocks the transfer of nutrients in the broth and strengthens the membranes of cells

Future fried fish and fried salt meat before cooking, to prevent the product to lose shape. The same applies to the cooking of flour products. In order to preserve biological value of the product, when cooked vegetables as a garnish water is also initially potseluem.

Salt increases the fluid pressure of the product in the solution

Meat and beans to speed up the cooking definitely cook in unsalted water, as salt added at the end of cooking. When cooking chicken eggs water, on the contrary, potseluem that the contents of the egg with a cracked shell is not leaked out through the tiny crack.

Salt increases the boiling point of water-salt solution

Saline water boils at a higher temperature than pure water. Salt the water when cooking meals for a couple, couples will be more hot, and the food is cooked much faster.

Summing up

The product or dish When salt Note The potatoes "in uniform" In the beginning To preserve the value of the product Fried potatoes 15 minutes before readiness Without crisp Fried potatoes In the end With a crispy crust Boiled potatoes In the beginning To preserve the value of the product Vegetables for salad Nagdasal Before serving Otherwise the vegetables will produce a lot of juice Boiled meat In the end To preserve the value of the product Ear In the beginning To maintain the integrity of the fish Broth 30 minutes until tender To preserve the value of the product Vegetable broth In the beginning The product does not lose shape Mushroom broth In the end Otherwise, the mushrooms will absorb all the salt The fried liver In the end Otherwise it will be too hard Meat fried In the beginning or in the process of cooking The product does not lose shape Fried fish For 10 minutes before cooking Otherwise it will crumble to pieces Bean 5 minutes until ready Otherwise you will be stewing for a very long time Pasta In the beginning The product does not lose shape Pelmeni and vareniki In the beginning The product does not lose shape Kashi In the beginning To preserve the value of the product Don't forget that salt is found in many products, even those without a pronounced salty taste. Keep this in mind to avoid oversalt when cooking meals from dairy products, sea fish and seaweed, semi-finished and finished meat products, canned vegetables and flour. Let the dishes prepared by you will always be beautiful, appetizing and delicious! Bon app├ętit!

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