How to save a salty dish. Fix oversalt dishes

However experienced not been a chef, from salty dishes no one is immune. Don't worry — seeming hopelessly spoiled dish it is possible to save.

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Immediately warn – in any case do not dilute the oversalted soup or soup water! The taste of the dish not only holds up, it may even become inedible. A piece of lump sugar, put in a spoon and drop it in the broth. Look in both: as soon as the sugar begins to melt, take out a spoonful of broth. Changing a lump of sugar in a spoon on a new one and repeat the procedure several times until the repair taste. Refined sugar, due to the porosity of its structure will be a great absorbent that absorbs salt from the broth. As the absorbent material can be used also crackers and raw peeled and roughly chopped potatoes. Put these products the saucepan and continue to cook the dish. After a few minutes the breadcrumbs extracted from the broth, but the potatoes can be safely cooked in boiling broth for about 10-15 minutes. The main thing is that he does not seethe and had to fish it out of the broken artifacts from the finished dish. So it makes sense to put it in the broth in the fishnet with a small mesh or bag of linen or gauze fabric. Great saves too salty entree rice cereal in a fabric pouch that you can keep in the broth until cooked dishes. The same salutary effect, and flour, but it needs a cloth bag more tightly. Continuing the theme of bags: a good litter is absorbent, placed in a bag be any porridge, cooked without salt. The same quality can be used and prunes. Lemon juice and honey – proven products that can safely add to the broth to reduce the degree of salinity.


Oversalt meat successfully corrected by addition of fresh flour sauce, unsalted mashed potatoes or sour cream. Due to the fact that the salt is distributed mainly in the outer layers of muscle tissue meats, these supplements are well-involved in a significant amount of salt. Add the meat to salted dill, parsley or onion. To rescue oversalted the beef patties will help added grated raw potatoes, carrots, zucchini or a small amount of unsalted boiled rice. The taste of the cutlets from it only will win – they will become softer, juicier and more tender.


Unlike meat, salt pervades the entire volume of fish carcasses or fillets. But here, suitable methods of adding fresh sauces, sour cream, mashed potatoes and spices. If too salty, fresh or defrosted fish intended for frying, rinse with cold water and give water to fully drain. But if the fish is cooked, fill it with fresh boiling water and allow to stand for about 5 minutes. As for salted fish and meat, can be fed to him unsalted garnish from cereals, potatoes or vegetables.


Of vegetable or meat stew, cabbage stew or goulash is superb take away extra salt, fresh tomatoes. They must finely chop, add to the main dish and some stew.


If salted when cooking whole fruit or large pieces of vegetables, the water in which they were boiled is drained, pour fresh boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes. When you oversalt raw vegetables for salad will save only adding an additional amount of unsalted ingredients of the salad.

Pasta and grains

Pasta or porridge, in which you short-sighted has vbuhali large amounts of salt can be saved only by draining the broth, pouring fresh boiling water and continue cooking in fresh environment. Add fresh sauces will also help the food to avoid the sad fate of being sent to the trash bin.


To rescue oversalted mushrooms are already known ways: the addition of flour, sour cream, sauces, extra portions of fresh mushrooms or a small amount of lemon juice. Be aware that cold dish will change their taste in relation to salinity. Cold dish, the presence of salt or too much have a more pronounced degree than in the hot. And, when salted the dish in the cooking process, depends not only taste, but also its usefulness for health. Let your dishes will always be delicious, nutritious and healthy! Bon appétit!

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