How to bake Easter cake. Rules home baking Easter Paska

Imagine the holiday of Light Easter Sunday without an Easter cake and colored Easter eggs impossible. Want to learn the basic rules of baking an Easter cake?

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baking tins

As forms for baking can be used as special metal molds and normal mugs for different water capacity. To prepare cakes of a large size are ideal small saucepan with a capacity of around one to two liters. You won't believe, but perfectly cope with the role of forms and metal canning cans of peas, olives or corn. Preparation of forms is cut from a special baking paper or parchment paper circles the size of the bottoms of the forms for baking, and rectangles for the side forms. Note: height of rectangles from the paper for 3-4 cm greater than the height of the pan to hold the dough, if baking it will rise to unforeseen heights. In recent years, many hostess increasingly instead of metal molds for Easter cakes using molds of special paper. Cheap, convenient and practical.

Knead the dough

Recipes dough for Easter cakes which we will consider in a separate publication and here we will talk about how to prepare the dough and what it should be. The dough loves the heat, so kneading it at a temperature of the air in the kitchen is not below 250 C. to Knead and beat the dough should be long and diligently, in the old days was said to 300 guests complimented the cake, you need 300 times to hit the dough on the table. The dough is kneaded until then, until it begins to lag behind the hands and on the walls of the cookware. To check the density of the mixed dough, cut it with a knife. The density of normal if the dough does not stick and not reaching for a knife.

Spread the dough in the form

Spread the dough forms. When using metal molds for PASOK do not forget to lay the bottom and side surface of a specially cut pieces of paper. The paper should be lubricated with oil or grease. Test the blend in the form exactly on one third of their capacity. As they say, the dough should come three times: the first time in the dough, the second time mixed in and the third time laid out on the forms for baking. Form with the dough placed in a warm place with temperatures ranging from 30 to 400 and let it go. By the time the cake to bake will be the top of the dough almost to the edges of the mold.


Finished cakes are lubricated from the top of the egg, whipped with one tablespoon of water and butter. In the bottom of the oven to moisten the air placed a container of hot water. Put the form with Easter cakes in the oven, heated to a temperature of about 2000 and bake. Depending on the size of the cakes, the baking time will be different: 30 minutes for PASOK weighing less than 1 kg, 45 mins for kg, 1 hour for polutoralitrovyh cakes and 1 hour 30 minutes PASOK to 2 kg. Pasca really do not like being "bothered" during baking, so do not need to open the oven door at least the first 20 minutes due to extreme temperatures the dough does not opal. If the cake is not yet cooked and the top starts to burn, saved the situation by covering Pascu, top with a piece of wet parchment paper or foil.

is Extracted from the oven

Finished cakes remove from the oven and gently tapped out of the molds and lay them on a soft surface, covered with a kitchen towel. If you used paper baking forms, cake form extract don't need. Periodically, while Pasca hot, roll them from one side to the other, so that their form was correct and proportional. Know if hot cake is not on its side, and stand upright, he can settle and become flat, losing its original form.


Prepare the icing for decoration: whites of two eggs beat up with sugar powder. The amount of added sugar to achieve the density of the whipped mixture, it stood without falling, teaspoon. If the frosting to make not so thick, almost all of it will flow down along the side walls of the cake. Cooled Pasca placed in small pans and grease the top cooked frosting. While the glaze is warm, from the top you can decorate with colored powder. Now the cakes were only to consecrate the festive Liturgy during a solemn night service. Let the Easter cakes prepared by you will be tasty and sweet, and Easter is bright and cheery!

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