How to make coffee. Brew the coffee yourself

Moderate consumption of coffee invigorates, stimulates thought processes, increases resistance to stress and accelerates the reaction of the person. How do you properly brew a Cup of coffee?

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grain Mill

The drink was fragrant and delicious, with coffee, you should only use freshly ground coffee beans. And the smaller and softer will be the grind, the more flavor and aroma give the grain ground this divine drink. In grinder put three teaspoons of coffee beans, close the lid and start grinding beans. The moment when the powder of ground coffee beans begins to stick to the side walls of the bowl of the grinder, is the signal it off. Lightly shake the grinder to bring back the coffee powder that sticks to the walls of the bowl, back to the bottom of the tank.

preparation stage

Lightly heated the bottom of the Turks on a small fire. In Turku put two teaspoons of freshly ground coffee, add sugar to taste and pour water. How to pour water? In order to achieve minimum contact of the liquid with air during cooking, and therefore best to saturate the beverage with aroma of coffee beans, water should be poured so that its level coincided with the most narrow place of the neck of the Turks.

Brew coffee

Put Turku on a small fire, take in hand a spoon with a long handle and begin to wear the watch at the stove, stirring constantly next drink. When on the water surface formed a crust, and the edges of the Turks start to appear small bubbles, the strength of the fire exposed to the minimum possible, and your hand resting on the handle of the Turks, at any time to remove from heat. A little crispy on the surface, meanwhile, turns into slowly rising up the top of the foam. But she slowly rises up to a certain point, and then is able in an instant to throw out your cherished precious beverage to the surface of the gas stove. So be careful and do not let your coffee run. As soon as the cap of the foam will be dangerously close to the edges of the Turks, a lightning-quick movement remove the pot and allow for coffee a few seconds to potomitsya in Turka to his grounds settled to the bottom. The coffee Cup, wash out with hot water so the Cup is warmed and poured into it the coffee does not cool down too quickly. Pour from the Turks steaming beverage, then take a deep breath, pulling in the wonderful smell and closed his eyes with pleasure, blissfully happy in anticipation of the first, and therefore the most delicious SIP of coffee. Bon app├ętit!

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