How to wash the dishes. Wash the dishes properly

The normal procedure that we carry out without thinking several times a day, has its own tricks and secrets. Read how to wash dishes properly.

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Remove leftover food

Not to suffer from the endless clogging the sewers in the first place cleaned the dishes from food debris. If this is not done, small pieces of products will be water in the drain and sewer, water and razbuhnut from mingling with the solidified fat will provide you with quality and reliable blockage of the sewer system. Stubborn to the pan leftovers easily separated from it, if the dishes are to be soaked in warm water for 15-20 minutes.

Sortable dishes

The next thing you need to do is to sort the dishes. Sortable by size, by type, on the degree of contamination. Wine glasses, goblets and cups fold in one side of the table or put into a large bowl. Spoons, forks and knives in the other direction. Dining and dessert plates stack them in one pile, pots, pans and large plates placed separately.


The washing process is quite simple and trivial. In a large bowl, dissolve in warm water right amount of detergent that it will be a gel, paste or powder, it doesn't matter. If the water is not necessary, then apply detergent to the sponge, open the hot water tap and wash, wash, wash... Do not forget to protect your hands – wear rubber gloves on his hands. If you prefer to wash the dishes with his bare hands, make sure that the detergent gel or paste contains aloe Vera, or another similar Supplement. To start with you should wash the least soiled dishes – wine glasses, goblets, or cups. Cymbals at this time are the preparatory phase, in which the fat and soak frozen food residues and are separated under the influence of the detergent. After washing the plates, proceed to the larger dishes – large dishes, pots and pans. Triumphant completion of this tedious process will be washing the knives, forks and spoons. Soapy sponge wipe every Cutlery and then wash off the foam with all the forks and spoons. It is very important when rinsing the washed dishes to ensure that its surface does not remain even a slight amount of foam from the detergent. Surfactants included in the composition of each detergent, if it enters the human stomach can harm the health from disorder of the stomach and lung ailments to inflammation of the stomach and intestines.


It is best if the plates and other dishes dry in the dryer, but if this is not possible, carefully wipe the dishes dry with a towel. Thus, if the volume of the washed dishes is quite large, do not try to wipe it all with one towel. Don't be lazy and not be greedy, change if necessary, two, three towels, and even more of them.

Some hints

To wash the dishes with traces of dairy products and eggs should be started in cold water and only then move on to hot, otherwise the proteins included in the composition of these products, from exposure to hot water will be attached to the dish surface. When cleaning porcelain, glass or crystal, add 1 liter of water half a tablespoon of vinegar and the same of salt. They will return washed and dry the dishes watertoy its original appearance and luster. To get rid of the smell of fish, the pot or pan, wipe the heated salt then a good rinse. Let the dishes in your kitchen always shining, and the process let her wash, if not a pleasure, then certainly never tiring and not a burden!

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