How to make homemade sausage. Cooking homemade sausage for yourself

There is hardly a person who can refuse to taste of this homemade sausage, with a unique taste, appetizing and tantalizing aroma.

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You can buy ready-cleaned pig intestines, and you can prepare them yourself. If you are not afraid of difficulties, pay close attention to our actions. First carefully wash the intestine from the outside, turns them inside out again and carefully my. Put on a cutting Board and gently scratching with a blunt side of knife, removing from the surface the layer of fat. The procedure for cleaning the intestines of fat is very delicate, because one wrong move of the knife is very easy to spoil the result of hard work. So fat got rid of, now, after another washing with warm (but not hot!) water, RUB them with salt and leave for an hour or two. The final part of the preparation of the intestines is to soak them in a solution of water and vinegar for one hour. Processed gut check for holes and damage, inflating them with air.


Meat and fat cut into small cubes, with an edge length of not more than 1 cm by the Way, for making homemade sausage can be used not only pork, allowed the preparation of this delicacy and of beef, mutton or chicken. Very interesting home-made sausages are obtained from a combined ground beef, which includes different types of meat. Faster and more accurate process of grinding the meat and fat going through the meat grinder with a nozzle in the large grid. Add salt, pepper, granulated garlic and other spices. The stuffing is ready.

Stuff the guts stuffing

This procedure can be performed in two ways. The method first. On manual meat grinder is nozzles with holes put the nozzle attachment for stuffing sausages in the form of a tube or horn. Cut a piece of the intestine of the desired length, put it on the nozzle, the end of the intestines knotted. You can tie the gut knot, you can tie its harsh thread. Applying to the neck meat grinder sausage meat, turn the meat grinder handle and, holding the filling with stuffing the gut, neatly stacked on a tray or wide dish. You must ensure that together with minced meat into the gut does not get too much air, but too tight to stuff the stuffing is not worth it. Filling the colon with minced meat, bandaging its other end and proceed to the next gasket of the colon. The second way. From a plastic bottle cut off the top part with the neck, worn on the neck of the colon, tie the end of the colon and turn them over homemade nozzle upside down, fill it on top of the mince and spoon or hands to push the stuffing into the neck.

Cook the sausage

On the sausage should boil. A thick needle, a toothpick or a fork pierces the surface of the sausages in several places and drop it into a pot of boiling salted water. Cooking time – about an hour.


Boiled sausages should be laid on a baking sheet, to give the pudding a beautiful Golden brown, its surface lubricated with vegetable oil. Put the pan with the sausage in the heated oven and bake until then, until you get a Golden crust. Turn the sausage to the other side and fry again. Roasted homemade sausage spread on a paper towel or sheet of paper for it to get cold and with it came the extra fat. Having mastered the technology of preparation of homemade sausage, you can try your hand at cooking sausages cooked.Homemade sausage is prepared quickly, and eaten even faster. Bon appétit!

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