How to cook in a double boiler. The technology of steam cooking

Order food steamed, was juicy, tasty, fragrant and healthy we must strictly follow the rules of cooking in a double boiler.

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What products can be used for cooking in a double boiler, and from which we should abstain, we are told in the publication "How to cook for a couple. Than good food from the basket". Now let's dwell on another aspect of their freshness. Products for steam cooking mandatory must be fresh, flawless, and mechanical damage, and, no matter what it is: vegetables, fruit, chicken, pork tenderloin or seafood.


All foods before cooking, wash and slice. Moreover, the cut pieces should be about the same size, in this case, these products or the dish will be evenly steamed, and their state of readiness will be the same. To reduce the time spent on the heat treatment, it helps to cut food in smaller pieces, and the tank steamers do not pour cold and hot water.

Cooking for a couple

When laying products in a steam basket, you must ensure that between the pieces of food leave space for free circulation of steam – in this case, cooked food madebetween and evenly steamed. In the case when a couple is preparing several dishes, and the steamer has two steam baskets, the bottom basket, put the food products the cooking time, and at the top – the ones that cook faster. Include elektroprovodka, aerogrill, microwave or just put the saucepan on the heat with a makeshift steam grid and... wait. The cooking time for each product is a purely individual importance and varies from one minute for spinach, up to an hour or more for meat or fish. To give steamed bludy special unique taste and aroma, to highlight its advantages, it is recommended to use a wide Arsenal of spices and seasonings, which should be put either in water or lay on the grate of the steam basket. The table below contains the time of readiness of different types of products and recommended them for spices and herbs:Products The number Cooking time, min. Recommended condiments and пряностиСпаржа500 g 20Тимьян, Basil Mini кукуруза200 g 6-10Зеленый onion, chili, paprika Green фасоль500 g 18-20Петрушка, garlic Брокколи500 g 18-20Чеснок, ground red chili pepper, tarragon Морковь500 g 18-20Петрушка, mustard powder, green onion Inflorescence color капусты500 g 18-20Розмарин, Basil, tarragon Celery (pieces)300 g 18-20Тмин, white pepper, chili Бедро1 chicken pieces. 25Черный pepper, paprika Chicken грудка200 g 15-18Черный pepper, paprika Corn початок500 g 30-40Петрушка, garlic, green onions Zucchini (sliced)500 g 10Укроп, sage, rosemary Кускус150 g + 250 ml of water 15-18Тмин, coriander, cloves Яйца6 PCs. 15 Фрукты500 g/4 PCs. 12-15Корица, cloves Peas (frozen)500 g 20-25Розмарин, cumin, parsley Картофель500 g 30-35Петрушка, green onion, garlic Креветки200 g 8-10Порошок curry, saffron Пудинг4 bowl 20-25Корица, cloves, vanilla Рис150 g + 300 ml of water 40Пандан, parsley, cumin Рис250 g+ 500 ml of water 40Пандан, parsley, cumin Лосось500 g 20Укроп, parsley, Basil White рыба500 g 20Горчичный powder, cloves, oregano Submit the finished dish to the table immediately. Food, steamed, insanely fragrant and delicious to until hot. Bon appétit!

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