How to cook barbecue. Fry the skewers on all the rules of culinary art

Without it neither a picnic nor a holiday in the nature. In the barbecue cooking some tricks, which we definitely want to share with you.

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Choose meat

From the freshness of the meat depends directly on the taste of cooked kebab. Therefore, choosing the meat, choose a young and fresh pork, veal or beef. Gentle sweet aroma of fresh meat of a young animal not be confused with anything else, in the case of acidic or sharp and unpleasant smell, from the purchase of such meat should be abandoned. Barbecue best meat from the loin or neck, it will be a delicious dish and using meat from a leg or shoulder blades.

Cut into pieces

Slice the meat chunks have a size of approximately 5 centimeters. Why this size? Because the pieces of meat smaller during cooking will dry up, will be hard and unappetizing. In the case where the meat for kebab is cut too large pieces, it will be a very long time to prepare and while the middle pieces are fried to completion, the edges will have time to order char.


Recipes marinades – countless. What not only marinate the meat for kebabs: in mineral water, vinegar, lemon juice, brandy, wine, beer, yogurt, mayonnaise. But an indispensable component of the marinade has always been and will remain a bow, giving the meat the sharpness, juiciness and unique taste. The list of spices used in different recipes of marinades is also quite extensive: pepper, Basil, ginger, nutmeg, mustard, cloves, Bay leaf, mint and Provencal herbs. The simple marinade recipe is as follows: 1 kg of chopped meat, mix 250 grams of vinegar and 250 grams of water, add 1 kg onions cut in rings, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar 5-6 pieces Bay leaf and 1/3 teaspoon pepper. Marinating time – 4 hours.

Burning coal

Can be used as a ready charcoal from the store or made yourself from birch or alder. Firewood must be burned in a separate pyre and then ready to transfer the coal to the grill using tongs or a small spatula. Do not use charcoal any auxiliary substances (diesel, paraffin, etc.), since their odor will remain in the coal, and from them conveyed to the meat. Evenly flared up the coals should be placed in the grill evenly, making a small hill near the walls and corners. Indication of coal combustion it will be a uniform bright red color. Then you need to make a small pause, so that the temperature of all the coal has leveled off. When after 2-3 minutes the coals will be covered with a thin layer of white ash, you can start cooking the meat.

Prepare the skewers

Skewers with tightly strung them on pieces of meat alternating with onion rings, liberally greased with marinade and put on the grill. But the onions on a skewer between pieces of meat can be strung even slices of tomato and small pieces of fat. The tomatoes will give the meat a spicy flavour and the lard will make it more soft and juicy. Further engaged in the actual cooking of a shish kebab: periodically, turn over the skewers to evenly roast the meat, if necessary, fanning the charcoal with a stream of air or, Vice versa, bring down the flame not to the extent of inflamed coals, basting them with marinade or water. To skewer while cooking, does not dry, gently pour the meat on the skewers with the remaining marinade. After 10-15 minutes (depending on size of pieces of meat, the quantity of coals, the distance from the coals in the grill until skewers with meat), when the meat will become tender Golden-brown and covered with thin crispy crust, a skewer remove from heat and serve.


To ready the skewers do not need to submit any additional dishes that can distract or block the taste of this meat dish self-sufficient. The kebab is perfectly combined with fresh herbs and vegetables, emphasizing the flavor is delicate and fragrant hot meat. Bon appétit!

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