How to choose sour cream. How to choose a quality and natural sour cream

When you purchase this useful and nutritious dairy product it is important not to make mistakes and to opt for natural fresh cream and not the surrogate of dubious quality.

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Pay attention to the fact, as indicated by product name on the packaging. If it says "sour Cream", and below is the inscription "GOST -..." means a dairy product made by classical technology from cream and sourdough. If the product name sounds like "Sour" or "Smetanka" or something like that, and at the bottom in small print modestly labeled "Sour cream product" and is the abbreviation of "Ghost..." is the designation of "TU-...", know that you are in the hands of a dairy product made from vegetable oils and proteins with the use of various stabilizers, flavoring agents and thickeners. The taste and color of this "sour cream" a natural cream pretty difficult to distinguish.

shelf Life

If the shelf life indicated on the package exceeds 14 days, this suggests that the dairy product is subjected to heat treatment, during which all lactic acid bacteria have been killed or sour cream produced using preservatives. To call this cream "live", despite the fact that it is made only from natural dairy components. To acquire the most useful product, choose the cream with a minimum retention period.


No matter what sour cream is Packed in a plastic Cup with a lid or in a pack of durable polyethylene – the product packaging must be clean and dry, without visible mechanical damage. On the package is mandatory and must identify the product name, GOST or TU, ingredients and components, as well as shelf-life or storage life of the milk product.

the Taste and color

Quite difficult the taste and color to determine the quality of sour cream, especially in this age of flavors and stabilizers, but something to determine all you can. The color of the cream should be smooth and white with slight cream color and its surface is smooth and shiny. If the color of the product is faded, the surface is matte, and the composition is heterogeneous, it is evidence that in the process of production of sour cream was used thickeners. The taste of the product should be with light acidity, if instead of the mild acidity there is a pronounced sour taste, then sour cream is already beginning to deteriorate. The density of sour cream is not an indicator of its quality, because the sour cream with the lowest fat content with the help of thickeners can be brought to such a consistence that it "will stand a spoon".

Methods check sour cream

Pour the sour cream from one vessel to another. If the surface of the cream will remain clumpy or it instantly equalized over the entire surface in front of you – milk product with thickeners. Natural cream should form on the surface of a small hill, from which will depart the same small wave. In a glass of hot water put a teaspoon of sour cream and a good raskruchivaem. Real and good quality sour cream instantly dissolves, turning the water milky in color. A substitute or counterfeit will not dissolve and will fall to the bottom as a white precipitate. Apply the cream in a thin layer on glass and allowed to dry. A uniform white layer will be a Testament to the quality and naturalness of sour cream, but sour cream questionable quality will leave after drying on the glass stains. Buying in the supermarket sour cream,I advise you to choose a product from the depths of the Cabinet or the counter, in fact there is maintained an optimum temperature, and therefore the probability of buying tainted cream will be reduced to zero.

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