How to choose sugar. Kinds of sugar

What before was just to buy sugar when on the shelves were bags of sugar and boxes of the sugar-refined sugar. Today all considerably more complicated.

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Classification of sugar according to the type of raw materials

Beet sugar, as the name suggests, is made from sugar beet, by evaporation from its crushed pieces of sugar syrup, and then its purification from molasses, using sophisticated technological processes. Cane sugar is manufactured from sugarcane by the technology similar to the technology of preparation of beet sugar: cane stalks are crushed and then digested, thus removing the sugar from the reed stems. Then sugar syrup is subjected to varying degrees of purification that affect the diversity of varieties of cane sugar. Palm sugar is extracted from the sweet juice which flows from incisions on the floral spadix of palm trees. It is produced in very small quantities. Palm sugar has a beautiful yellow color, nice caramel taste and very healthy. Top price niche and is the most expensive of all kinds of sugar. There are maple and sorghum sugar, but because of their almost complete absence on the shelves of our stores, focus on them, we will not.


The most common forms of sugar are sugar and refined sugar. They lie on the shelves of shops and supermarkets, they are stored in a particular number on each kitchen. There are also lump sugar and candy that are prepared from ordinary sugar by adding water and boiling out the required consistency. Lump sugar in the form of large irregular crystals and candy in the form of smooth transparent pieces used mainly as a dessert to drinks in cafes and restaurants.

Types of cane sugar

Refined cane sugar is made from cane sugar syrup by filtration, evaporation and drying. Obtained purified or refined cane sugar are virtually indistinguishable from beet. Unrefined cane sugar has a light brown color and distinct taste due to the impurities of the molasses, which is in its structure. Crude unrefined brown sugar is darker and has an even more pronounced taste, since it has more molasses containing iron, copper, potassium and a whole range of trace elements, and therefore is the most useful for human health. There are three most famous varieties of cane sugar: Demerara, Muscovado and Turbinado. Differ from each other in different degrees of cleaning and is very widely used for cooking, baking, roasting meat or making savory sauces.

Types of sugar depending on the size of the crystals

Here are all types of sugar, ranging from containing crystals, powders and finishing from the the crystals which in size is comparable to jewelry stones. Here's the full list: confectionery sugar, ultramini sugar, baking, fruit, regular sugar, coarse sugar and sugar sprinkles. Confectionery powder is preferred to prepare meals at home using a coffee grinder or mortar, than to buy ready made in stores. Manufacturers, to avoid churning of the powdered sugar in lumps, add it to a set of flowing agents. Bringing them is not a complete list of: magnesium carbonate, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide, magnesium trisilicate, sodium aluminosilicate, tricalcium phosphate. This chemical Arsenal need?

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