How to choose sugar. What to look for when buying sugar

In case of purchase of defective and damaged product, do not regret about wasted money, here is how to choose sugar when buying.

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That should be indicated on the packaging

First, the package must be indicated, from which materials of manufactured sugar from sugar beets or raw cane sugar. For example: "White crystal sugar of I category made from sugar beets. Next should be mentioned the nutritional value of the product, the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, calorific value, date of manufacture and packaging. Must be present the date of manufacture, packaging and storage conditions and the shelf life of sugar. Note the mark on the product's compliance with the standards of GOST, the name, legal address and phone number of the manufacturer or packer. If they are absent on the package, ask the seller about the availability of the quality certificate for implemented sugar. If unrefined sugar is purchased, then on the package about this and must be specified. Don't get caught in the bait of unscrupulous producers or forgers, positioning their product as "light brown" or "dark brown". Attention! If the package States that the product contains sulphur dioxide, used in the process of refining or sugar beets, from which sugar is made is genetically modified, from buying better to abstain.


If we study the packaging and labels on it, let's pay close attention to her condition — she must be holistic, without visible mechanical damage and deformation. Dried traces of stains on the packaging will indicate podmocani product, so sugar is better to return back to the seller.

quality checking

Opening it, try to pour sugar from one corner of the package in the other. If the sugar is loose and easily moves through the pack in front of you — a quality product. If the grains of sugar slowly, as if reluctantly, shift to the other side of the package, thus sticking to each other, you know – the conditions of storage of sugar were accidentally or intentionally broken, the sugar is saturated with moisture and after drying will turn into a block that will not be easy to crush. Besides raw sugar is dangerous for health because it is a nutrient medium for the emergence and reproduction of molds. High quality sugar from counterfeiting is different in that if you mix it in a glass of pure water 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, it is completely dissolved without sediment. Check out sugar as possible and so: in a tablespoon, pour 2 teaspoons of the product being tested, from top to pour a teaspoon of water and put on fire. Real sugar for one to two minutes will be like a syrup, and then caramel. The same falsification or sugar with impurities will turn into a white turbid slurry. There is a way to check brown cane sugar, counterfeited most frequently. In a glass of water with dissolved in it unrefined cane sweet product need to drip a few drops of iodine. In the case of a product containing starch, the water in the beaker will turn blue. No doubt, sugar is a tasty and healthy product. But do not forget that a day without compromising their health can eat 50 grams of this sweet delicacy, which is approximately equal to 6 teaspoons. Be always healthy!

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