How to choose a tasty and ripe watermelon. Choose a watermelon by yourself

Choice of watermelon sometimes resembles a lottery: luck or not, will come across sweet or nedospaty? Meanwhile there are simple ways to choose a tasty and ripe watermelon.

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Shape and size

A good watermelon should be the correct spherical shape. As for the size, some experts advise taking watermelons large size, arguing that since they had time to grow to impressive sizes, consequently they are guaranteed ripe. We hasten to disappoint you – and huge melons are unripe and tasteless. If you are so important link to the size of a watermelon, pick the fruits of medium size – a rule of "Golden mean" is very rarely wrong.

Peel and its color

The rind of the watermelon should be firm, but only to the extent that it was still possible to scratch it with a fingernail. Peel and stale fruit padewskiego scratch will fail despite all efforts. Shiny and glossy, no matte plaque – that this should be the surface of these sugar fruits. Avoid fruit with cracks and dents in the flesh of watermelon are pathogenic bacteria that multiply at lightning speed in a sweet environment and can cause severe poisoning and intoxication. Points on the skin may indicate that, possibly by means of a syringe into the fetus was injected dyes or growth factors, or both combined. The color of the peel, depending on the variety, can be all shades of green, however, if a watermelon "striped varieties", will be all the riper they are, will be more contrast than the pattern on his skin.

spot on the side

Each watermelon is on the side of this spot. This side he was lying on the ground, so in the absence of sunlight this area was not painted with natural pigment. What's this dot? Spot large size tells you that the watermelon grew slowly, therefore, were not in the best natural conditions, and therefore can be immature. If large spot is still white, the watermelon is guaranteed to be green and tasteless. Of the ripe fruit spot on the side should be small in size and can be painted in yellow or even orange color.


Everywhere write and say that the tail of the watermelon should be dry. What it has yet to be, may I ask? Tear unripe fruit with green and lush tail, after a few days it too will be dry. So much time is spent to deliver the melons from the southern bashtanov in our temperate latitudes.

Boy or girl?

Say that watermelon-girl sweeter than a watermelon is a boy. Check it out, bought "boy" and "girl" and comparing the taste. The spot on the opposite side of the tail in fetuses masculine convex and of small size, women's fruit is a flat spot and much larger.


Put the watermelon into the palm of one hand, fingers of the other to vigorously knock on its surface. The character of the sound will depend on how to soften the pulp inside of in the process of maturation. Therefore, a ripe watermelon will produce a hollow sound, and the green fruit is ringing.

Signs of nitrate watermelon

Nitrate watermelon can be recognized, only cut it. Slice of watermelon, which the ripening has accelerated with nitrates will be smooth, at a time of normal fruit it will be with sugar frost. Thick yellow (not white!) streaks in the flesh also indicates that the watermelon was raised with the use of stimulants. Important: before cutting the melon be sure to wash it with a brush under running water. Why? Then, to cut the watermelon knife not to transfer dirt and bacteria from the surface of the skin juicy watermelon flesh.

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