How to choose fresh and quality fish. What to look for when buying fish

To select fresh fish, should know the basic signs of freshness, and tricks by unscrupulous sellers to sell damaged product.

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Live fish

Buying in the supermarket live fish, right in front of you slowley by seller from a huge tank, you cannot select the fish isn't fresh, unless she was swimming in the aquarium belly up, but this is simply unrealistic. Another problem that may lie in wait when buying live fish worms. As river fish and grown in Aqua farms farms carp, crucian carp, silver carp and others can be amazed by opisthorchosis. Therefore, when buying live fish definitely require health documents on it to be assured of the security of such purchase. Therefore strongly recommend to perform salting fish, because the invisible larvae of helminths ways to neutralize either heat treatment or prolonged freezing. To be prepared from such fish rolls, sushi, or Tartar, cannot be and speeches.

fresh fish

In the supermarket on the counter in the refrigeration showcase, amidst glistening transparent pieces of ice is iced fish. How to determine the degree of freshness? The body of fresh fish is dense and elastic, and a dent formed after the pressing by the finger, should immediately disappear. Scales are smooth and shiny, besides tight-fitting to the torso. Gills should be pink or red-pink, and eyes bright, transparent or black, but in any case not muddy and hollow. Tail fresh fish – wet, firm and direct but not dry and folded to the side. Oh, and most importantly – smell. Fresh water fish should smell like the river and algae, and the sea – the sea. Nastoyaschaya characteristic fishy smell unmistakably give the fish is not fresh. Very good chilled fish artificial cultivation: trout, seabream, sea bass or Norwegian salmon. But can not be chilled fish fishery: salmon, cod, halibut, far Eastern salmon, catfish and cod, though, because in the fishing trawlers all fish caught immediately subjected to deep freezing. Therefore, if the counter is in the middle of ice fishing fish varieties and indicated that she was chilled, actually it means she was unfrozen.

Frozen fish

The lack of ice on a frozen fish – an indication that the fish retain moisture, and therefore flavor it is unlikely you will please. The abundance of ice is also not advisable, as it indicates a repeated defrosting and followed the freezing of the product. Yes and to pay for ice for the price of fish is unlikely to be willing. Ice glaze on the fish should be thin and transparent. If the product is covered with a thick ice crust, the fish itself is smooth and perfectly white, this indicates that the first fish carcass was excised needles, then it was dipped in a solution of polyphosphates, which can retain water and fish abundantly moistened with water and froze. As a result of these manipulations, the weight of the fish through frozen water may well increase two or more times.

Salted and smoked

That's where the real process of buying a "pig in a poke". Salting and Smoking of fish engaged in thousands of private entrepreneurs. It is unlikely they are all in the pursuit of profit, adhere to state Standards and sanitary norms. In addition, using various chemicals, fragrances and dyes, it is possible to give an appetizing appearance, taste and aroma even completely tainted fish. I advise you to buy a whole fish salted and in manufacturer's packaging, and the best fish to pickle your own or to make preserves. Be sure to smell smoked fish. The real Smoking leaves behind a subtle aroma of wood smoke. If instead of the scent feels rich and pungent smell Dima, you can be sure that instead of Smoking smoke the fish just dipped in a special chemical solution that simulates the smell of smoked – liquid smoke.We wish you to cope successfully with a difficult task, to choose really fresh and quality fish and then prepare it into a unique and delicious fish dish! Bon appétit!

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