How to choose the right pan. Choose a pan for yourself

To many pans in the store to opt for the best, you need to know all about the pros and cons of the materials from which frying pans are manufactured.

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Professional cooks think that frying pan is better than it is heavier. And they are right on all hundred, as on a frying pan dishes will be evenly fried and almost never burns.

Thick bottom

To from overheating the pan will not warp prematurely, its bottom should be thick enough. The inner (upper) part of the bottom of the pan must be perfectly smooth, without pits and scratches. If the griddle is used for cooking on a gas stove, it is better if the outer (lower) portion of its bottom will be with ornament or finned – so the pan is evenly heated and to retain heat longer. For electric cookers, on the contrary, the bottom should be smooth and ideally flat.

Dimensions (diameter and height of the walls)

The diameter of the pan should match the size of your stove burners and its capacity shall be selected with accounting of the number of people, which have to cook.


You can decide whether to handle the pan is removable or not. If you intend to cook in the oven, the answer must be positive.

heat Indicator

Quite appropriate and convenient is the presence in the center of the ware indicator heating – thermospot, which will unmistakably indicate that the pan is warmed up and it's time to put the products.


Not everything is so simple and clear, each material of the cooking utensils, has both advantages and disadvantages. Material Advantages Disadvantages Chugunoleene stores heat does Not burn does Not care Affordable price Rust is Brittle, afraid of umirovljenici to damage Good conductor teplotechna price Universedeterminable Bad burns when overheated Upon contact with acid and alkali is harmful to zdorovennova startline stores heat Resistant povrezhdeniya health Afraid of cleaning with abrasives When there is strong heating at the surface is Not heated are formed pattersonville of prioritythis to acids and alkalis Afraid of cleaning with abrasives, Brittle, afraid of strong heating udariti harmful substances High senekerimyan stick Resistant povrezhdeniya health Requires special care High price When using induction cooking stoves need to know that the pan for cooking them must be with a steel bottom, otherwise the magnetic effect is generated, therefore, the pan will not heat up. Selecting the right pan to cook it fast, easy and convenient, and the meals cooked in it, will invariably differ a wonderful taste and incredible aroma!

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