How to prepare kefir at home. Prepare yogurt yourself

To be sure of the quality and freshness of this dairy product, there is nothing better than to prepare yogurt yourself, good, thing this is uncomplicated.

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What is buttermilk

Kefir is a fermented milk drink made from milk by mixed (lactic acid and alcohol) fermentation. Due to the unique set of bacteria and fungi, kefir has a beneficial effect on intestinal flora, preventing the development in it of pathogenic organisms. It improves metabolism, has a soothing and mild diuretic effect, stimulates the immune system of the body. According to the degree of acidity, accumulation of carbonic acid and alcohol yogurt is divided into one-, two - and three-day.

Preparation of milk

Whatever the milk is raw or pasteurized, it needs to boil in an aluminum pan (enameled milk can burn). Put the saucepan with milk on a small fire and got her. Abundant formation of foam would indicate the beginning of the boiling process. Do not wait until milk "run away", remove the pan from the heat and allow the milk to cool to a temperature 34-370 S.

Add the yeast

As for the future capacity of kefir, it is desirable to use glass or porcelain. In the cooled milk add store-bought starter containing lactic streptococci and sticks, acetic bacteria and yeast. If the leaven could not be purchased, do not worry – will fit and store-bought kefir, just its quantity, compared with leaven, will need to double. You can even add a small amount of sugar. A vessel with milk and leaven, to avoid getting light rays, cover pure cotton cloth and put in a warm place with temperatures from 20 to 26 degrees. Such a warm place in the cold season will have a place next to the radiator. In the spring and summer season it will replace the balcony with hot air in it.

Final part

By the end of the day day the yogurt is ready to eat. If you need to prepare a two - or three-day drink, put it to ripen in the refrigerator with the temperature 8-100 With another one or two days.

Recipes different types of kefir

Kind of yogurt Milk Sourdough The ripening period Fatty Untrimmed (solid) 4 tablespoons + 1 tablespoon sour cream 1-2 days Lean Normal 3 tablespoons 1 day Dietary Skim 3 tablespoons 2 days The amount of ingredients in the table are based on the use of 1 litre of milk.

Subsequent ferment

For the preparation of the following portions of dairy products as a starter, you can use part prepared a day or two previously homemade yogurt. You should know that in 8-10 days to prepare the new portions of healthy drink will need to purchase in-store ferment or store kefir. The percentage of ethyl alcohol in the process of exposure is increasing every day. So, the content of alcohol in kefir a day is equal to 0,04-0,08 %, in the three-day kefir its percentage reaches 1% and above. That is why a three-day kefir is not recommended to eat children. And drivers — lovers of aged dairy product should bear this in mind.

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