How to make homemade Apple cider vinegar. Prepare Apple cider vinegar at home

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss or recovery of metabolic processes it is better not to buy at the store, and to cook the apples. Prepare homemade Apple cider vinegar.

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What better home with vinegar

In canneries and other processing plants to make Apple cider vinegar, usually using waste products. Apples used for cooking vinegar usually contain residual doses of chemicals, which are processed at the gardens in the period of disease and garden pests. Not only that, the finished Apple cider vinegar is pasteurized, which loses most of its beneficial properties, so it is also bottled in clear bottles and stored where they can, not caring about its protection from sunlight. And inexpensive Apple cider vinegars are generally made from ordinary table vinegar the addition of Apple flavoring.


Apples for making cider vinegar is better to use fall varieties, because in the summer varieties, the sugar content is negligible, and us sugar for fermentation need more. If the apples are environmental friendly from its own garden — great, if not – no problem: select in the market of apples, say, not quite presentable, which of the chemicals he has never seen.

Cooking Apple cider

Selected apples, wash, stainless steel knife to cut out the damaged areas and the wormhole, and then finely chop them, turning into a kind of slurry. You can still pericolace apples in a mortar. Cooked apples should be placed in glass, plastic, clay or enamel bowl. But not in the metal, as prepared vinegar will be quite capable to corrode the thin metal walls of the saucepan. Just need to add the sugar rate of 50-100 g on 1 kg of apples and pour the Apple mush hot (60-700 C) water, the water should cover the apples with a layer thickness of at least 3 cm. To accelerate the fermentation process can be packlast cider in a small piece of stale black bread or add a bit of yeast.

digestion Process

The dishes with cider to prevent it insects on top of must tie 3-4 layers of gauze and put the container in a shaded area with temperatures from 15 to 250 C. Mandatory condition for the making of vinegar from apples is frequent, at least 2-3 times a day, thorough mixing of the fermentation mass in order to enrich it with oxygen. After 2 weeks, the liquid from the container to drain through cheesecloth, the remaining cake needs to be wrung out and disposed of (thrown away). Having poured the resulting liquid in large banks, nadolina it to the top 5-8 cm, cap cans should again tie up with gauze and put them back in the same dark and cozy place, the vinegar was able to finally ripen.

Final part

After 3-4 weeks the liquid in the banks will be transparent and will smell unique Apple flavor. It is a signal about the willingness of Apple cider vinegar. With the help of tubes not to lift cans from the bottom residue obtained vinegar need to bottle of dark glass, carefully resealed and put into storage in a dark and cool place.The benefits of using Apple cider vinegar to restore digestion and metabolism proven by numerous clinical studies. Compliance with the diet and the correct dosage of Apple cider vinegar will definitely give a positive result. Be always healthy!

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