How to choose cookware for the microwave. Utensils for the microwave

What utensils are needed for the microwave? Of a material permeable to electromagnetic waves. Teach them how to choose cookware for the microwave.

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Glass is perhaps the most suitable material of cookware for microwave oven. Its permeability to electromagnetic waves is high enough, so the food is prepared in a glass container quickly and evenly. Due to its transparency, this cookware allows for visual monitoring of the cooking, which certainly is very convenient. Do not use for cooking in the microwave dishes made of crystal or fine glass – it simply will not withstand high temperatures and will crack. The ease of use for glassware should be ware of ceramics, porcelain and earthenware. Almost not heated during the heating of the food, but the cooking process is quite very hot food in it, especially if the walls ware not sufficiently thick. Avoid using porcelain or porcelain ware with metal details type of kemock, etc. not only that, the metal parts will be delayed electromagnetic wave, they are also heated to very high temperatures and most likely will cause cracking of the ware. The same consequences await you if you use wet ceramic ware with minor cracks and chips. The water that gets into cracks of ceramics during cooking, warm up, and will increase in volume and split the dishes. The plastic utensils used in the microwave, must be heat-resistant and heat-resistant, withstanding a temperature of at least 2800 C. Usually this dish has a label that indicates that it can be used in the microwave. Cardboard and paper are widely used as packaging and utensils to reheat the Packed semi-finished or finished products. Verify that no paper or cardboard package with a food of a thin layer of aluminum, which will heat up from the effects of electromagnetic waves to a temperature which will ignite paper dishes. Metal is the wrong material for cookware used in a microwave oven. Metal plate, delaying electromagnetic waves, will be heated to a high temperature, while the food inside will remain raw and cold.


The most optimal form of cookware for the microwave is round or oval. Tableware square or rectangular shape even though it looks stylish, has one drawback: it is in the corners of a dish there is maximum concentration of energy, and hence food at the corners of the cookware will not only peresushivaya, but also to burn. Most glassware should be sufficiently wide and of small depth. But for the preparation of cakes of the desired shape is deep enough, as in the microwave during baking the dough rises much higher than in the oven.

How to check the dishes

Check out the dish on the suitability of using snap. Enough to put her empty, without food, in a running microwave for 30 seconds. To avoid damage to microwave oven, do not forget to put into the dish a glass of water. If the dishes remained cool or slightly warm, it is considered to be suitable. If a piece of plate for half a minute was hot, for cooking or heating food it is definitely not suitable, since it requires a significant amount of heat and longer time for cooking in a pot. Let food cooked in the microwave you will always be insanely flavorful and delicious! Bon appétit!

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