How to roast sunflower seeds at home. Roast seeds yourself

In shops sold roasted and packaged in bags seeds but their flavour is much inferior to the taste of sunflower seeds, toasted house with his own hands.

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prep work

Before fry, the seeds must be washed. Pour in the colander portion of the seeds and wash them under running hot water from the tap until the water running off them is clear and transparent. What will it give? In addition, after clicking the seeds your hands, tongue and lips will not be colored in dark grey, water treatments seeds will give a special and unique taste. After washing the seeds pour for a few minutes on a paper towel or newspaper to remove excess moisture. After that, the seeds are ready for roasting.

Embers pan

For frying seeds, it is desirable to use a massive cast iron pan that will evenly warm and also to give the heat evenly. Put the pan on a gas stove, light the burner and wait until pan is hot. Many people add to the frying pan before heating 1-2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, citing the fact that in the initial period of roasting the seeds, before the oil saritsa and boiled out, it helps keep the surface of the pan fixed temperature and does not allow seeds to burn.


The washed and dried seeds are poured into the pan evenly with a thin layer. Then it all depends on your attention and diligence. Put the power of the fire of the gas stove to a medium setting and, without letting go of the spatula, continuously stir and mix up the seeds, making sure that they do not stray in the bunch, and lay on the surface of the pan with a thin layer of a thickness of one seed. When seeds start to crackle and poshinkovat, it is necessary to reduce the power of the fire and carefully stir them in a skillet. The approximate time of roasting sunflower seeds is 10-15 minutes. Better still periodically "sampling", sampling their taste. Not obozhgites – seeds from the pan quite hot! To determine the moment of readiness, in addition to the taste, and even the color of the nucleoli. The fried sunflower seeds of grain is always cream color.


Switch off the stove, hot seeds straight from the pan pour on folded in several layers of newspaper and fold it tightly in some sort of package. After 15-20 minutes the newspaper when caramelization kernels roasted sunflower seeds over, unfolding the paper, try and enjoy their incredible taste.

Option of fridge

Immediately after roasting straight from the pan hot seeds need to pour in a ceramic bowl and put in refrigerator. From difference of temperatures sunflower seeds will crack, making a rather loud sound. After a few minutes they need to get out of the fridge. After this treatment seeds are very easy to clean. Before you try to run the Council with a fridge, think like him will appreciate such heat loads. In addition to traditional ways of toasting seeds in a pan, you can cook them in the microwave. We wish you to have seeds, toasted by yourself you, always turned out tasty and fragrant! Bon appétit!

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