How to roast sunflower seeds in the microwave

In the minds of most people are roasted seeds are associated with a Smoking hot pan. In the microwave they are cooked much faster and easier.

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My sunflower seeds

Before cooking, the seeds must be washed thoroughly. As with toasting seeds in a pan, wash them in a colander with hot water until, while running from them the water is perfectly clean. Spread sunflower seeds on a paper towel or sheet of newsprint to remove excess moisture.

Cooking utensils

Cooking roasted seeds should be sufficiently broad and not very deep. You can use any large shallow dish of heat-resistant glass or ceramics.


Pour washed seeds in cooked dishes in a thin layer, not thicker than two grains. Turn on the microwave power is 800 W for 3 minutes. After this time open the door of the oven, get a bowl and thoroughly mix the seeds that are already dried and has been roasted. Very convenient to mix seeds, if the cookware is used flat glass plate from the microwave. In this case, just cover with a plate cover for microwave oven and shake a few times. Again put the bowl with seeds in a microwave oven. Include kitchen appliance now for about 2 minutes. Wait until the cycle is complete, stir the seeds and conduct their tastings on their readiness. If sunflower seeds are still not ready to eat, put them back in the oven, but now at an even smaller time interval – 1 minute. Try again, if necessary, fry for 1 minute, pre-mixed. You need to be aware that, unlike frying in a pan, where roasted sunflower seeds first outside, then just comes to their hearts, when toasted sunflower seeds process begins from inside the nucleoli, the outer part acquires the necessary condition in the least.


Once seeds reach the desired roasting state they should be left for 10-20 minutes in the microwave "approach". The process of caramelization of the kernels of seeds can be performed by wrapping hot sunflower seeds in several layers of newspaper at the same time.After 2-3 trial obzharivanii in a microwave oven you will already be in focus and the amount of seeds that you want to lay on the fried onion, and the time necessary to acquire the required condition. And most importantly – unlike frying in a pan, the seeds in the microwave do not need to constantly stir. Bon appétit!

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