How to make ice cream at home. Prepare the ice cream yourself

If you want to make ice cream with your hands, do not be afraid that without special equipment it didn't work. You can play it!

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preparation of the Foundation cream

Cup (250 ml) of milk pour into a saucepan and on low heat bring to the boil. Remove the milk from heat and let them cool naturally to a temperature of C. 35-370 While the milk cools, take 5 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. To the yolks add 4 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar or vanilla extract. If vanilla sugar be excluded from the list of ingredients, the output will not be vanilla ice cream and ordinary cream. Using a mixer or blender to carefully RUB the yolks, sugar and vanilla.

Cooking cream

A thin stream pour the yolks into the milk, while continuously stirring the resulting mass with a whisk. Put the mixture on small fire and stir it often. Waiting until the future the cream will thicken a bit. How to check whether the cream has thickened to the desired condition? Dip a spoon into the cream and hold your finger on the back side. If on the spoon will remain a trace from the finger — cream it is time to remove from heat. First let cool the cream by placing a pot with him in cold water or ice cubes, and then put it in the fridge.

Whipped cream

A glass of fatty cream (fat content not less than 33%) pour into a small bowl and beat with a mixer or manually. The appearance of cream on the surface of small ridges will be a signal about their readiness.

Final part

Combine the cream with the previously prepared cream and mix thoroughly the resulting mass. Then put it in the freezer. After 45-50 minutes future get a treat out of the freezer and whip it with a mixer or blender. Small crystals of ice had formed under the influence of freezing temperatures, crushing and structure of ice cream becomes homogeneous, without lumps. Put again the dishes with ice cream in the freezer for 45-50 minutes, and then thoroughly whip it using a mixer until a homogeneous and smooth mass. Left to put the ice cream in the freezer for final freezing and 2 hours of your favorite sweet treat is ready.We have been preparing very simple in terms of technology type of ice cream – vanilla. With the improvement of skills of cooking, you can move on to more complex recipes and even invent their own recipes, incomparable, sweet treat. Good luck to you and Bon appetit!

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