How to make homemade lemonade. Prepare the lemonade for yourself

Fragrant, invigorating and refreshing beverage that will be enjoyed and in the summer heat and winter cold. Guessed what we are? Of course, the lemonade!

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the story of the lemonade stand

His appearance is obliged lemonade the error of the court of the butlers. In France, during the reign of king Louis I, the monarch desired to drink wine. But his servant by mistake instead of the noble drink scooped from a nearby barrel of grape juice. On the way to the Royal table, realizing his mistake, Butler threw in a glass of juice with mineral water. Monarch beverage made from juice and water so much that he commanded him always prepare this refreshing drink. Subsequently, the most widespread beverage made from lemon juice, to which it owes its name – lemonade.

Basic rules for the preparation of homemade lemonade

The basis for the preparation of lemonade is water. It is very important that it was clean and filtered. In some recipes the lemonade instead of plain water partially or completely using mineral water that can be carbonated and without gas. Blend – a mixture of all the components of homemade lemonade – can be prepared both cold and hot (with warm water or boiling water). To emphasize the taste of this tonic drink, it adds a variety of spices and herbs: cinnamon, ginger or mint. Serve lemonade to the table it should be thoroughly chilled, and consume it best through a straw.

Prepare the drink

Thoroughly wash 3-4 medium size lemon and cut a thin layer of the peel and put it in a bowl. From peeled lemons squeeze the juice and pour it into the bowl with the lemon zest. There is add 4 tablespoons of sugar and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Mix thoroughly and leave for 6-8 hours in a cool place. After the specified time the drink has to be filtered and put in the refrigerator. Chilled lemonade pour into tall glasses and served to the table. If before serving to the table you plan to dilute the drink a third mineral water, sugar during cooking of lemonade is necessary to put not 4, but 5 tablespoons. To add to the usual taste of homemade lemonade new flavor notes can include both juice and whole fruit raspberries, apples, currants, cherries or oranges. Don't be afraid to experiment with ingredients for home drink, improvise, be fantasy, and then lemonade, prepared by your hands, will be the most delicious in the world! Bon appétit!

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