How to prepare dried apples. How to dry apples at home

The benefits of apples do not have to argue. But how to keep them and their Arsenal of useful substances for the whole year? The only answer is to cook the apples for drying.

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About the benefits of Apple cider donuts

Given the gentle treatment of heat treatment of apples during preparation, drying, quite naturally will be saving the dried Apple slices is almost the same amount of glucose, fructose and sucrose, as well as fresh fruits. In addition, virtually unchanged, the content of malic, tartaric, citric, arabinoses and chlorogenic acids. Organic compounds of iron and phosphorus, mineral salts, vitamins and essential oils, pectins, tannins and dyes – all of these useful components are stored in the drying of apples with virtually no loss. Apple drying is quite a powerful blood purifier and is recommended for use in various diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The presence of pectin makes it an essential product for diabetics. It is recommended to use dried apples for rheumatism, atherosclerosis, gout, skin diseases. Drying strengthens eyesight, nails, and hair.

Apple Selection

To make Apple cider donuts fit all varieties of apples, but preference should be given not sweet varieties and sweet and sour because of the drying of sweet varieties of apples, after drying, have a mild taste, have become almost tasteless, and mushy they are significantly worse than crackers made from apples sour-sweet varieties.

to Prepare apples for drying

Sort the apples by size, rejecting damaged and broken, my Good and give a little to dry or wipe them with a towel or cloth. Remove the core of apples with the help of special tubular knife. Large apples cut transverse to the axis of the Apple slices not thicker than 5 mm. Small apples cut in half, then into quarters and, if the dimensions allow the apples, cut quarters in half yet. Order Apple slices on the slice not darkened from oxidation, they need to be problanshirovat in boiling water for 2 minutes, or dipping for 3 minutes in aqueous solution of table salt (per 1 liter of water requires 1 teaspoon of salt or 2 grams of citric acid). It is advisable to dry future drying after water treatment for 10 to 15 minutes. If before drying to withstand the sliced apples in a cool place for 12-18 hours in a sugar syrup, instead of the usual Apple crackers sweet dessert will turn out drying from apples. But this method is not for everybody.


Dried Apple drying on the sun, electric dryer, electric oven and gas oven. Arrange Apple slices on wire racks hand driers and include it on the time specified in the operating instructions. Usually it is around 5 hours at a temperature of 700 C, then 2 hours at a temperature of 500 C. In the sun just a modality of drying and finish their preparation is much easier and faster in the oven. A baking sheet with a baking paper, laid on it a thin layer of Apple slices, put in the oven and dry them. For 4-5 hours, dried at a temperature of 800 C, and then another 1-2 hours at 500 ° C. Uniform light yellowish-brown color of Apple dryers would indicate their readiness. Properly cooked dried when bent, does not break and does not emit juice. For storage of finished drying should be pour into glass jars and close nylon covers. Sweet crackers and Bon appetit!

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