How to choose tasty and fresh dried fish

Dried fish is delicious with beer, and without it. She's healthy and nutritious and will enrich the body with useful substances, only if you properly chose.

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the Benefits of dried fish

Polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in the dried fatty fish are able to exert a destructive action on certain types of cancer cells and reduce the risk of some cancers: lung, colon, prostate and breast cancer. Fatty acids omega-3 contained in the meat, dried fish, are the source of anti-depressant serotonin and the building blocks of the brain, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. But the use of dried fish can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of poisonings, infectious diseases and disorders of the digestive system, if the meat dried fish infected with parasites (worms, helminths) or the fish was kept too long and incorrectly.

Choose stockfish

The color of the meat dried fish should be light brown, gray-brown, but certainly not yellow. The yellow colour of the meat will unmistakably indicate that the Taranaki saline for a long time and a long time was to implement either kept in stock. Should not be yellow and the scales dried fish, unless the fish, the color of the scales which originally yellow hue. Properly salted and dried fish should not be as strong as sliver, her body should be moderately resilient and moderately hard. Scales should be intact, noblessa , without significant deformations, in addition, neither the scales nor fins should not be dry presentations of salt, and abdomen of taranki must be dry. One of the main indicators of the freshness of the dried fish is its smell. If the fish smells like fish it dried without any impurities and only a little salt – it's fresh. In case, if a persistent odor of salt impossible to get even a slight fish flavor or dried fish Frank has a smell of rot, refuse it. The most precise method is to pierce the dried fish belly in the area of the anal fin. If then from the punctured hole will not stand out dark mucus, and the air will not appear unpleasant smell of moldy stuff, then the fish is salted and dried properly.

shelf Life

Shelf life of dried fish at room temperature does not exceed 60-70 days. So, if you want to keep fish suitable for consumption for a longer time, up to a year, place it in the freezer. Despite all the rules and secrets of the choice of dried fish, the best way to get quality and fresh Taranaki — pickle and dry it yourself!

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