How to make curd at home. Cottage cheese with your own hands

Cottage cheese, cooked at home, not go to any comparison with product from the store. There are no chemical additives, it is much tastier and healthier.

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cottage Cheese

Curd is a dairy product derived from fermented milk by removing whey. On percentage of fat there is no fat (18%), bold (9%) and low fat (less than 3%). Due to the high content of calcium and phosphorus of curd is an indispensable food product in the period of formation of bone system of the body and therefore must include in the diet of each child and pregnant woman. Cheese be sure to include in the menu of patients suffering from diseases of the digestive, cardio-vascular system, diseases of the gall bladder and diabetes.


We highly recommend you to use for making cheese is not pasteurized supermarket milk, and homemade milk from under the cow. The final product will be much tastier, more filling and more delicious, and because the milk can not boil (this will effect the quality and taste of the future of cottage cheese), ensure its purity and quality.

Prepare yogurt

Pour into a glass jar or other transparent container and put the milk to sour in a warm place. To speed up the process of fermentation per 1 liter of milk you can add 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 100 ml of yogurt or a small piece of black bread. Through the period of time that can range from 16 to 48 hours, the yogurt will be ready. The best indicator of the readiness of the curd will have a large number of vertical passages formed in the mass of the product rising up bubbles of released gases. On the surface of the curd will be quite thick layer of cream that you want to collect, because a lot of them will merge with the serum in the separation from the curd.

Detachable curds from whey

Shake out (shake out!) curdled milk from the jar into a saucepan. To speed up the process of making curd, pot curd set for 10 minutes on low heat. The future when this cheese needs to be mixed a movement in which the spoon moves solely from the bottom up, lifting up the bottom layers. Be careful and attentive! In the case of overheating yogurt, cottage cheese makes a fine-grained and hard. The result of thermal treatments will be the stratification of the curd after 6-8 hours after it has cooled down to the serum at the bottom and a layer of cheese on top. In a bowl or large pot, covered with several layers of cheesecloth or a clean cotton cloth, pour the curdled milk poured. The gauze or cloth hanging tie and knot with curd for 2 hours over a dish with serum, allowing the serum to drain. The curd is ready! Eat it for health fresh with honey, cream or jam, and add finely chopped greens, sour cream, hot spices or garlic. Bon app├ętit!

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