How to clean mushrooms. When, how and what to clean

Before you start turning in a regular salad, or a gourmet sauce you have collected in the autumn forest mushrooms, they should be thoroughly and properly cleaned.

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When to clean mushrooms

Cleaning mushrooms should begin immediately, immediately on his return from the forest. Don't delay this event until later, because old mushrooms are much easier to poison, and carveout cut the mushrooms much faster, as the worms quickly crawl with mushrooms eaten on whole and untouched. In the end, fresh mushrooms just taste better.

How to clean

To clean the fungi from adhering to them and sand artifacts of vegetation typically use a stiff brush, dense rough towel or sponge for washing dishes (the hard way). And scrape the mushrooms most convenient little knife, which is called mushroom.

to Wet or not to wet?

Never soak mushrooms before cleaning. Wet and slippery mushrooms is much more difficult to hold in the hands, and hats of mushrooms tubular, impregnated with water, like a sponge, lose flavor, become heavy and soft and will fall apart in your hands. Mushrooms-greenfinches – the exception to the rule. If you soak them before cleaning for an hour or two in the water, the sand in which they normally grow, which is very difficult to remove with a dry surface of these mushrooms, simply separated from their surface by exposure to water and will settle to the bottom of the dish.

cleaning hats

Different types of mushrooms are cleaned in different ways. The plate of mushrooms, especially in the new NHL season, it is necessary to remove the cap with the skin, otherwise the mushrooms will taste bitter. Fanaticism in this reach is not: picked up a pinch of skin was removed around the outer side of the cap – and enough with the Central part of the cap is to scrape off the skin is optional. Hats tubular mushrooms (white, Polish, boletus, orange-cap boletus and others) sufficiently to clear them of adhering to the grains, leaves, pine needles and other small debris. But the butter sticky and slippery skin with hats you need to remove all, otherwise made the dish incredibly bitter.

feet brushing

Moving on to the legs of mushrooms. Regardless of the form of a mushroom with legs you want to remove remains of the mycelium and sand, worm-eaten fragments cut off, and legs speckled with mushrooms (white, boletus, mohovikov and other) it is desirable to scrape the stem with a knife. The mushrooms and the mushrooms must be removed from the legs giving the bitterness skirts, and mushrooms-umbrellas and all legs can be cut without regret, because they are hollow inside and to profit there. And mushrooms-raincoats have to clean off the scales and remove the upper layer of their shell. Store-bought or grown their own oyster mushrooms simply wash under running water.Peeled mushrooms should immediately be put in salted water, which will not allow them to blacken, as if to keep them in this water for hours, the salty solution will be expelled from fungi and will kill the worms which escapes your gaze while cleaning the forest. Let you will succeed!

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