How to store bread. To ensure that the bread remains fresh

Inappropriate and prolonged storage of the bread hardens and is covered with a layer of greenish mold if stored properly – slowly hardens and dries out.

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Drying and get stale bread

After the bread baked, irrespective of conditions of its storage, it runs two processes: drying and staling. Get stale bread – a natural and irreversible process associated with aging included in its structure of starch. Fresh bread swollen starch grains are in the amorphous state. 10 hours after baking the bread is the reverse process –a partial transition of starch from an amorphous to a crystalline state. As a result of retrogradation the starch structure becomes denser, decreasing the size of the starch granules, between protein and starch cracks, and the bread becomes brittle and rahkim. Bread from rye flour starch retrogradation occurs much slower due to the fact that soluble and insoluble pentosans, enveloping amylopectin and amylose, prevent crystallization of starch. The fresh bread crust glossy, smooth and crunchy, stale – matte and plastic. The crumb of fresh bread, soft and supple, and callous – hard and crumbly. Shrinkage – decrease weight of bread due to evaporation of water and volatile matter. The most intensive process of drying happens from the moment of extraction of the bread from the oven and to cool it to room temperature.


For the manufacture of breadbox is widely used in both metal and plastic, but none of them compares to the traditional bread bin made of wood. Bread this bread stays fresh longer and the explanation – bactericidal properties of wood. Especially famous for the bins of juniper and birch bark. They not just can keep bread in the breadbox will never appear neither fungus nor mold. If possible, get a wooden breadbox no, just put the bottom of his glass, plastic or metal bins plank of birch.


Since ancient times, the Slavs were made to cover or to wrap fresh-baked bread in a clean linen or linen towel. The bread last longer, less dried and slower certwel. Are able to examine the experience of ancestors, wrap the bread in natural light in a clean cloth or white paper and make sure that the process of staling of bread has noticeably slowed. As a breadbox, you can use tortorici. They are both entirely made of glass and wooden base and glass top. The second option is preferable, because bread in the cake container with a base of wood will be preserved better. Very well established ceramic containers for bread, as perfectly preserve the taste of bread, do not absorb odors, and is very environmentally friendly. At temperatures below -20 With the staling process of bread slow and at temperatures below -100 C, and even stop. Many people use this useful property of cold, but in vain. Place for the experiment, a small piece of bread in the freezer with a temperature of -100 C and below. After a week remove the bread from the freezer, defrost it and ensure its absolute freshness.

How to store bread

In no case do not store together black and white bread. On the storage of bread from rye and wheat flour in the bread will quickly infest potato sticks, get rid of which will not be easy. And the bread will stale quickly and withered in this neighborhood. Place the white bread in different sections of the bins. In the case of a single section of the bread, place the bread in a paper bag. But not in a plastic, in which water evaporating from the bread increases the humidity, creating ideal conditions for the emergence and development of mold. To prevent mold, the bread bin need to periodically wipe the inside with a weak solution of vinegar and put inside the charcoal, wrapped in gauze or a bandage. You can place the bread in the salt shaker with salt, not forgetting from time to time replace it with dry. The bread will store better if the bread put a few slices of Apple, peeled potatoes or a piece of sugar.

How to refresh bread

Stale bread put it in the microwave on a stand near the bread you put a small container of water (you can use a salt shaker or a small bowl). Turn on the microwave power is 800 W for 5 minutes. After bread crumb is heated to a temperature of 60-700 C, he will restore their freshness, and the crust is fresh and crispy. Last such a grandeur about 5-6 hours, and then the bread finally harden and become unpalatable.Let the bread in your bread is always fresh and delicious. Bon appétit!

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