How to store apples in the winter. Storing apples at home

So the apples retains its original taste and freshness for the whole winter, during storage it is necessary to adhere to the quite simple and simple rules.

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Apple harvest

Premature or delayed harvest will affect not only their safety, appearance, content of vitamins, but the taste. That is why it is so important to collect harvest apples correctly and in time. Apples summer and autumn varieties must be removed from the trees not earlier, than will start the fall of ripe fruit. Apple harvest winter varieties should be collected before their full ripeness, Contracting for third party from the freezing of fruits due to sudden frost. Removing the fruit from the tree to produce, starting from the bottom tiers, gradually rising up. Apple tightly clasping the palm and fingers grip the bottom and placing the finger or thumb on the peduncle at the place of its attachment to the branch of a tree, the fruit should lift up and slightly turn to the side. If an Apple detaches from the tree easily, then the fruit is ripe and the harvest time is correct. Removing the apples, should exercise care and caution, as the deformed and flattened fruit for long-term storage will be unusable.

Sort by fruit

The next thing you need to do is to sort the apples. Spoiled, diseased and damaged apples rejected and set aside. Next, you need to sort the apples by size, since the fruits are of different sizes stored in different ways. Then you need to sort the apples according to their degree of ripeness. On the safety of fruits during storage is influenced by the age of the tree from which they are collected. Apples from young trees remain slightly worse than fruit from older trees of the same varieties, and apples from the southern or Sunny side of a tree stored longer than apples from the North or from poorly lit side.

the Selection of containers for storage of crops

It is best to store apples fit moisture-proof boxes made of cardboard or soft wood tree species, the shape and the size is not limited and can be arbitrary. Fairly common containers for storage of apples are plastic bags and plastic slatted boxes. The main requirement for the storage container – it must be perfectly clean. So plastic bags and cartons for storage of apples take only new, and plastic and wooden boxes to avoid mold is thoroughly washed, steamed, and then dried.


Before laying on storage of the apples should keep for 2-3 weeks in a cool, dry place. After a specified period damaged cull fruits and begin laying whole and healthy apples in storage container. The easiest, and therefore most common way of storing apples – store them wrapped in paper. The main thing is that the paper was toxic and had no odors, which inevitably would be passed on apples during storage. Another fairly common method is to store the apples in crates, dusted neutral granular dry material such as sand, peat, husks of sunflower seeds, buckwheat husks, wood ash, sawdust or shavings. With this method of storing apples in no case should not touch each other and be completely covered with powder. Before laying the apples on storage preferably each of them is to wipe with a cloth dipped in glycerine – this will significantly improve their safety. Is a very good way of storing apples, in which they are placed in the basement, cellar or other storage along with the potatoes. This neighborhood has a beneficial effect on the apples – they don't dry up and shrivel, and the potatoes, in turn, will not germinate prematurely. If you put the fruit in plastic bags which are then tightly pack them or tie, approximately a month inside the packages, the gas concentration emitted by the apples will reach a value at which the apples are guaranteed to be protected from premature damage. The main thing — not to forget when packing apples to put inside each package piece of cotton wool moistened with alcohol or vinegar. The storage methods are quite simple, no matter which one you choose, let the apples saved you, will be juicy, fresh and delicious!

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