How to save time on cooking. The secrets of quick cooking

There is hardly a hostess, not dreaming that the cooking of food took as little time as possible. Share the secrets of fast cooking.

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menu Planning

There is nothing difficult to plan a menu for the week ahead. The same applies to holidays and special meals. Having defined the dishes, you should make a list of foods needed for cooking and plan which ones you can buy in advance and which on the day of cooking or the day before. The main thing when planning the menu – not to disturb the usual power mode should not be entered in the menu of extra dishes, without which you previously painless cost or save time, you can become hostage to a kitchen stove and get stuck in the kitchen for a long time.

Supply of semi-finished products

Due to a freezer stock of semi-finished products, can be a few minutes to prepare a delicious and nutritious lunch or dinner, feeding the eternally hungry husband and nagulevich outside the appetite of kids. Cutlets, dumplings and dumplings you can buy ready, and you can cook by yourself. But it is better to involve the preparation of semi-finished products of all family members, adding sculpting dumplings dumplings or watching a television show or series. In addition to saving money to prepare semi-finished products will protect you and your household from dyes, preservatives and other inorganic chemicals inevitably present in store-bought products.

to the Correct processing and freezing of vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruit need to pre-wash, clean, cut into cubes or slices and freeze, putting them in small portions in plastic bags. In addition, for preparation of dishes from vegetables and fruits will remain simply pull from the freezer, with this method of storage they stay fresh longer, retaining all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Processing green

The greens and herbs brought from the house or purchased on the market, you need to properly handle. Every time while cooking as not to waste time on washing a small bunch of greens, you need to wash all the number of herbs and greens in one sitting, then lay them on a dry towel or napkin, and then a slightly damp package in tightly sealed bags or other sealed containers and put them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or freeze.

Timely cleaning of the workplace

During cooking you need to immediately clean up after themselves. During the cleaning or cutting of products it is convenient to keep on hand a trash bag, which immediately will throw the garbage and kitchen waste production, eliminating the need for each time to run to the garbage can. And cleaned potatoes experienced hostess advise over the newspaper. Potato peels after the procedure, just wrap with newspaper and leave in a bucket or trash bag. Keeping the sponge or cloth on hand and periodically wiping the table and the stove, after cooking will not have to waste time establishing order in the workplace. The same applies to utensils. Not worth it to accumulate in the kitchen washing the mountain of dirty dishes. In intervals, free of cutting, stirring and turning, vacant easy to wash the dishes, wipe it dry and set the record straight.The time freed up by the use of our simple tips dedicate to communicate with family and friends, take care of your health or just watch your favorite movie or TV show. Let you will succeed!

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