How to cook pancakes. The secrets of making delicious potato pancakes

To hash Browns, potato pancakes or hash Browns were crispy on the outside, the inside tender and had a unique taste, you must know the secrets of their preparation.

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Preparing ingredients

Peel 2 medium onions and grind them by rubbing on a fine grater. Those who are psychologically ready to retreat from the traditional way of chopping onions using a grater, I can advise to grind it up, skipping through a meat grinder with a nozzle with fine holes. The present salvation home chef – blender. Onion, chopped in the blender, not bitter, and you avoid "cooking of tears." Many, in addition to onion, add to the dough for the potato pancakes a few cloves of garlic, pressed with frog. Because not everyone likes the taste and smell of this natural antibiotic, add garlic, based on the culinary preferences of your household. From myself I want to note that the addition of even small amounts of garlic gives the pancakes a completely different taste — moderately sharp and spicy. Whisk 2 eggs, add to the resulting mass to taste salt and freshly ground black pepper, minced onion and/or garlic, then carefully mix everything. Go to the naughty part is the potatoes. 1 kg cleaned and washed in water potatoes RUB on a grater. The options are: grater can be both small and large, the potatoes can be ground using the grinder, and blender. The pancakes were juicier and better fry together with the potatoes you can chop a small piece of lard. Most importantly, after grinding, is not to procrastinate and not to waste time. Received potato mixture should be immediately pressed, separating it from potato juice. Many washed crushed potatoes with water to wash the extra starch from the potato pancakes which quickly harden, and then press. Combine the potato mixture with a mixture of eggs, onion, salt and pepper, mixing thoroughly. To the potatoes in the dough for potato pancakes was not oxidized and darkened, adding to the resulting mixture 1-2 tablespoons of milk, sour cream or mayonnaise and mix everything again. Add in the flour pancakes or not? If the consistency of the dough allows the flour can be added. If the dough is too warm potato pancakes and spread on the pan, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Do not overdo it: excess flour in the dough the crispy potato pancakes lose their properties and become rubbery.


Thoroughly preheat a frying pan with vegetable oil and then spread on it in small portions for future pancakes. Instead of vegetable oil you can use bacon grease. If among the ingredients for the potato pancakes is shredded fat, the pan can be lubricated symbolically. The pan must be well heated, otherwise you will get strange the product, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of spoiled potatoes and the smell of burnt onions. Once on the side fry the potato pancakes appeared Golden brown, overturn them. Pretty soon a delicious blush will appear on the second side. Remove pancakes from the pan, and in their place lay out new portion of potato dough.


Ready fritters it is advisable to eat fresh and hot. They can serve as the perfect Foundation for sandwiches, you can spice up with different sauces, sour cream, mayonnaise and ketchup. The pancakes are perfectly combined with a variety of products: meat, cheese, feta cheese, mushrooms, herbs, vegetables and others.Let cooked your pancakes are crispy, browned and fragrant! Bon appétit!

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