How to ferment cabbage. Secrets and tricks of cooking sauerkraut

So sauerkraut was juicy, crispy and does not taste bitter, in the process of fermentation it is necessary to accurately adhere to the following recommendations and advice.

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moon Phase

According to numerous observations, the most delicious and juicy cabbage is obtained only when it is prepared on the waxing moon. If cabbage cooked in the full moon or waning moon, it will surely be acidic and soft. Also noteworthy is people's belief that to make sour cabbage need in "men's" days of the week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


For fermentation it is necessary to choose a white cabbage, with a slightly flattened top cachename. From green varieties of sauerkraut turns out not so good.


For fermentation we select 2-3 head of cabbage medium size weighing up to 4 kg. clear away damaged upper leaves and finely-finely shinkuem. Wash and peel 2-3 medium sized carrots and then grate it on a coarse grater. Carrots and cabbage are not miscible, the time has not come yet.

smoothing cabbage with salt

In a large enameled bowl or pot, put shredded cabbage, peresyplem 2 large tablespoons of salt and vigorously accepted to grind, crush and mix. In the process peretirki cabbage will begin to extract the juice, the more thoroughly will made it peretirka and the more the cabbage will release some juice, the tastier the final product. To the grated cabbage add grated carrot earlier and add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Mix well, turn to tab cabbage in a jar

Bookmark in a jar

3-litre washed clean (preferably sterilized) glass jar filled with cabbage, putting it as tightly as possible. From the density of stacking cabbage and the less will remain in the Bank of air, will directly depend on how crispy and juicy the finished product will be after the process of fermentation. After a couple of hours after laying in the Bank needs to check whether the separated coated cabbage juice on top of the whole cabbage. If not, you need to add in a jar of cold boiled water, otherwise the top layer of cabbage will be dark and unattractive. That is why during the laying of the cabbage do not fill it upto the brim, leave about 3-4 cm of free space for juice.


A jar of sauerkraut, close the plastic lid with holes for gas outlet, which inevitably will stand out in large quantities when the fermentation and place it in a warm place, do not forget to put the bowl to the Bank to collect her running out of the cabbage juice. Daily with a fine skewer or knitting needle pierces at several places the cabbage in the Bank to the bottom to release the formed gas bubbles. After about 3 days (you need to regularly remove the sample) cabbage will be ready. Avoid precisaria to slow down the fermentation process, a jar of sauerkraut stored in the refrigerator. Sauerkraut is ready! Bon appétit!

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