How to choose pasta

To cooked pasta, noodles or pasta were delicious, tasty and healthy, follow the simple rules of choice of pasta.

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Benefits of pasta from durum wheat

The pasta made of soft wheat, the starch remains in a viscous condition, and these macaroons have a fairly high caloric value. At its heart, the flour from which they are made, is a common baking flour, refined and devoid of many of the useful qualities of the cereals. In the same pasta made from durum wheat starch has a distinct crystalline form. These are the pasta retain much of the nutrients inherent in the cereal crops. They are low calorie, contain a lot of vegetable proteins and fiber, rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals, and complex carbohydrates, which enter into their composition, do not affect the blood sugar level. Durum wheat — yielding and finicky culture, and technology of its processing is much more complicated than other cereals. Therefore, the stores of pasta from durum wheat is significantly less soft than, respectively, their price is much higher. However, we strongly recommend you to use for cooking pasta from durum wheat, and about how to distinguish them from all others, tell forth.

Structure of the group and pasta

Pasta should contain only two ingredients – flour and water. In some formulations is permitted and the presence of eggs, not egg powder. Moreover, in their composition should not be of baking soda, starch, fats, leavening agents, and thickeners. Once again I repeat — only flour and water. Pastas are divided into three groups: A, B and C. group A are the pasta, the solid content of the flour which is over 70%, group B – pasta made from vitreous flour, soft wheat, group b indicates that the raw materials used wheat bakery flour from soft wheat varieties.


On the package should state the group (A, B or C), which includes pasta, date of manufacture and shelf life. A very important point which you should pay attention is the tightness and integrity of the packaging. The package must be either transparent or have a transparent window through which you look at to assess the quality of the pasta. For high-quality macaroni products is not permitted in a package of flour and small crumbs.


The color quality of pasta from flour of hard wheat varieties should be amber-yellow or cream-colored. White or gray color of the pasta will testify about the use in the production of pasta flour low quality and unnatural bright yellow color of pasta products will indicate that they were tinted, trying to mask the low quality. Don't be put off by minor amounts of dark dots on the surface of the pasta, it's the remnants of the shells of the grains of durum wheat, but the presence of white spots is a sign of a soft flour. The surface quality of pasta always smooth, and the fracture is vitreous, unlike pasta low quality where the surface is rough. Now widely produced pasta, painted in green, purple, red or yellow. If the coloring pigment is made of natural food coloring, feel free to put this pasta in the cart, if on the packaging to indicate the use of chemical dyes – they are left on the supermarket shelf.

Check the quality of cooking pasta

If during cooking the water in which the pasta cooked, became turbid, and the pasta was stuck together and dissolve into a kind of porridge, you know – with a choice of macaroni you made a mistake. Quality pasta do not boil soft, do not stick together and not stick to the vessel walls. Now you know how to choose quality pasta which is low fat, light and diet food, but not pasta made of flour, almost no different from muffins. Bon appétit!

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