How to use stale bread. Simple and quick dishes from stale bread

Usually pokerstove the bread slices most Housewives did not hesitate, and put it in the trash. But in vain — from stale bread you can cook a lot of delicious.

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Ruddy good toasted crackers are a great addition to any entree, no matter it is soup, fish soup, pickle, soup or vegetable soup. Demand will also be crackers with tea or coffee. To make stale bread or the loaf should be cut into slices or cubes, place on a baking sheet and place in the oven, preheated to a temperature of about 180-2000 C. After 7-8 minutes, depending on the shape and size of cut pieces, the crumbs will become Golden color. That is the sign of their readiness. Can dry crackers and naturally, without heat treatment, but their taste will be considerably inferior to the taste of the breadcrumbs, roasted in the oven.


They are necessary when frying the cutlets, cooking chops, or schnitzel, and right in the minced cutlet, many Housewives they are added to improve its consistency. To make breadcrumbs easier, to do this, just grind in a meat grinder or blender the biscuits, prepared in the manner described earlier.

Add in the minced cutlet

Soaking slices of stale loaf in water or milk, and then carefully wring out, add them to the beef patties. After thorough mixing in the mince, which is almost not stick to your hands, which will facilitate the development of his chops and will have a positive effect on the taste of the finished dish.


For making toast is not necessary to use fresh bread. Pokerstove toasted bread turn out no worse, especially if their cooking is not "pure", and with the addition of various ingredients. The list of recipes toast infinitely long, we give examples of only the most prominent and famous: bread in egg milk mixture, bread with milk and sugar, toast with smoked fish, toast with cottage cheese and nuts, croutons with garlic and herbs, toast with cheese and many others. Stale bread can also be used for preparation of pudding, all kinds of muffins, cakes and pastries, but their description is we have omitted because the purpose of our publication is to tell about a simple and quick dishes from stale bread. If the bread is stale to such a state, when he had nothing suitable, he in this case will be used. Take him outside or to the Park and feed the birds, they will be immensely grateful!

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