How to cook herring under a fur coat. The secrets of making the legendary salad

As Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat is an essential component of the holiday table. The recipe is simple, but there are some secrets of cooking.

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Preparation of eggs and vegetable ingredients

In a separate saucepan in lightly salted water, boil 2 medium size potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 beet medium size and 3 chicken eggs. Give eggs and vegetables after cooking to cool and then peel them. One small onion peel and grind, and then for 1 minute pour in boiling water to remove bitterness, then drain off the water. Special attention is given to adding salad one chopped sour-sweet Apple, which will give a "coat" missing light sour taste. However, if you like this ingredient is not to your taste – do not add the Apple. But if you still dare to try – Apple RUB on a grater at the last moment that it did not have time to oxidize and darken. Potatoes, beets, carrots and grate the eggs in a separate dish on a large grater. It all depends on your preferences: some shredded vegetables and eggs in advance and others do it directly during preparation of the salad, holding the grater over a dish and grating the vegetables, immediately creating a desired layer.

Work herring

The salted herring of medium size remove the head, tail and entrails. Cut off the fins and remove the skin. Next, gently divide the fish into two fillets. Start the "fun" part of cooking – to remove bones from fillets. How carefully this work will be performed and the smaller costal and vertebral bones (even the smallest) will remain in the fillet, depends on how nice it would be to eat the finished coat. Now the herring are left cut into small cubes. It is important to know the measure, because large pieces of fish will turn the salad into a coarse and a non-digestible dish, but because of too small herring under a fur coat will resemble a fish pie.

Prepare the herring under a fur coat

In what order to put the layers? The options are many. We propose the following sequence. The wide bottom of plates or dishes it lines chopped onions and covered the top layer of herring, cut into small cubes. Slightly stabilem fish layer of vegetable oil or herring brine (if any). The next layer is the potato. Upon completion of its installation thoroughly coat it with mayonnaise. Next – place the crushed eggs. Spread a layer of egg on top of it – mayonnaise. After potatoes put a layer of shredded carrots and beets, do not forget to generously cover each layer with a portion of mayonnaise. If "coat" is prepared with Apple, Apple layer should be placed between carrot and beet. A good top coat the dish with mayonnaise. To decorate or not to decorate – you decide. It remains to put the prepared salad for several hours in the refrigerator, giving him a good soak. Herring under a fur coat ready! Bon appétit!

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