How to prolong the service life of the microwave oven. To microwave oven serve a long time

For long and trouble-free operation are indispensable kitchen helpers, which is a microwave oven, just follow the simple and simple rules of its operation.

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Microwave oven must be installed on a flat horizontal surface at a height of not less than 90 cm from the floor. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the height of free space above the cooking appliance shall not be less than 30 cm, and the distance from its back side to the wall – not less than 15 cm to avoid tipping of the microwave, it needs to be pushed into so that the distance from the front side with door to the edge of the surface on which it is mounted was about 10 cm. When installing the microwave oven note to the side surfaces on which there are ventilation holes, do not overlap elements of the kitchen furniture or other household appliances. The distance from microwave ovens to refrigerators, freezers, gas cookers, rice cookers and other heat sources should be at least 40-50 cm. The power cord of the microwave should not come into contact with sharp or hot surfaces. Also, avoid placing it under a microwave.

Cookware for stove

A mandatory condition of safe operation of microwave ovens is the use of special utensils. Heat resisting glass, baked ceramic, heat resistant plastic, wood, cardboard – here is a list of materials, the utensils of which will not harm neither the microwave nor your health, and the dishes from the last two materials are recommended to be used only for heating food. Use in microwave ovens in small amounts of foil and wax paper. Metal cookware is absolutely contraindicated for use in microwave ovens. Electromagnetic waves of ultrahigh frequency emitted by the magnetron of the microwave will be reflected from the metal surface of the cookware, generating electric discharges that can harm the microwave oven or simply to get through the glass doors to the outside, posing a threat to human health. Possesses a similar property of porcelain or earthenware tableware decorated with metallic glazed in gold or silver. Don't forget to remove from cookware metal spoon and fork before putting it in the oven.

Care and cleaning

Regular cleaning of the inner surface of the microwave oven after each cooking directly affects its service life. The fact is that a large grease stain on the surface of the wall may act as a focusing lens. As a result, the microwaves will be collected into a tight beam of energy which will be sufficient to burn in the wall of the hole. Before cleaning the chamber of the microwave be sure to disconnect it from the mains. On a soft and damp cloth or towel, apply a special detergent to care for your microwave and wipe the inside panels of kitchen appliance. Regularly wash your rotary table-plate in warm soapy water, followed by wiping it dry. Do not allow the formation on the inner walls of the microwave condensate, periodically wiping it with a dry cloth. To facilitate the removal of stubborn or burned-on grease on the walls of the can, boil them in the microwave a glass of water. In water and adding a slice of lemon, you get rid of unpleasant smell in it. Not to spend a lot of time and effort to care for the inner part of the oven, pick up a special cover to wash which takes significantly less time than all over the microwave.

Proper use

In order not to damage the generator of electromagnetic waves of ultrahigh frequency – magnetron, do not allow the inclusion of empty the stove or the amount of food that weight less than 200g. In the case when you need to reheat the sandwich small size, place next to it on the rotary table with a glass of water. Anyway, to avoid running empty of the oven, keep the microwave inside a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended instruction time of cooking, otherwise a very high possibility that due to overheating your dish inside the stove can zadumatsya and flash. Never dry in a microwave bowl and sterilizing empty jars. Avoid heating food in airtight containers, sausages, potatoes, apples and other products are always nakalyvanie to hot air or steam through the holes to come out. Eggs in the shell and popcorn in the microwave will simply explode. In case of any malfunction of the microwave oven the first thing to do is to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and only then to open the door. Do not leave children unattended near a working microwave oven. She, like the matches children are not toys. Let microwave oven works for your kitchen without breakdowns and malfunctions, preparing delicious and flavorful dishes! Bon appétit!

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