How to make homemade stuffing. Homemade stuffing with their hands

It is possible, without further ADO, to buy ready-made mincemeat in the store or supermarket, but we advise you to cook it themselves, especially because it is easy and simple.

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The ingredients that make up the store-bought beef, always forced to question their quality and freshness. Besides, its bright and rich color constantly suggests that, in addition to the usual components, its structure inevitably includes food additives, allowing to maintain its appearance over such a long period of time. Forgive us technologists and heads of production, but the point of cooking meat, we can't trust anyone. So, proceed.

Preparatory work

In what proportions to take pork and beef? The fact that the stuffing is fully cooked beef meat will be unlikely to be juicy, and thus dishes made from it will be different as well dryness. Ordinary store-bought minced meat is prepared from beef with a small addition of bacon. Cheap and cheerful! We will prepare this homemade minced beef and pork. The classic ratio of meat ingredients in it is 50: 50. If there is a need to make the meat less greasy, the share of pork in it it is necessary to reduce the ratio of beef and pork in this case would be 70 to 30. Let us consider the classic recipe is taken 0.5 kg of beef and as many of pork. Carefully bathed the cuts of meat, sinew and excess fat removed ruthlessly, pork and beef obsesive and cut into small pieces. White bread or loaf in an amount of 200 g soaked in milk, pre-cut peel and leaving only the pulp.


Mince meat, 2 onions medium size 3 garlic cloves, and soaked white bread, pre-wring out the milk. In the resulting mass add 2 eggs, salt and pepper to taste and start kneading the meat. Know how efficiently and conscientiously mixed minced meat directly depends on the ease, tenderness and taste of cooked dishes. Now part of the meat can be packaged on plastic bags and send in the freezer, and the other is to prepare a delicious meatballs, stuffed cabbage or khinkali. Bon app├ętit!

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