How to properly combine drinks and food

To combine drinks and meals as you want, but only properly fitted will harmoniously complement the aromatic and taste characteristics of each other.

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This sparkling wine pairs perfectly with caviar and seafood. In the company of appetizers white meat, they complement the taste and emphasize the highlights of each other. Sparkling wines are perfect for hard cheese, savory desserts and ice cream. A classical appetizer to sparkling wine has long been considered to be fruits, especially grapes and apples. Before serving champagne must be chilled to a temperature 7-90 C. in Any case, do not refrigerate the sparkling wine in the freezer, it will simply die from a very low temperature.

White wine

Blends with almost all types of fruit, with classic and exotic. Fruits list of products is not limited to, light white wines harmonize perfectly with delicate appetizers of vegetables and fish cooked in foil or grilled. Aged wines with bright fruit tones and a taste that will suit to all types of smoked fish and dishes with garlic seasoning. What should be the temperature of white wine? For simple and inexpensive white wines From 10-120, for noble – a little higher, around S. 14-160

Red wine

The main "companion" of red wines is considered meat. Spit-roast, stew, grill, barbecue, goulash, roast, fried chicken, pate – this is not a complete list of meat dishes, perfectly suited to red wine as a snack. The raw material for meat can be pork, veal, lamb or game. Almost all types of hard cheese, spaghetti, pasta, pizza, lasagna will be in harmony with this noble red drink. Cold increases the acidity of the wine, as heat increases its strength. The overly chilled wines lose their flavor, and too warm will give alcohol. For optimal use of most red wines is the temperature from 16 to 180 C.


French cognac and brandy (this term refers to all beverages resulting from the distillation of grape wines produced outside of the French Department of Charente, which is the town of Cognac) is commonly consumed after a meal, in pure form, in small portions. In the classic version of cognac to drink without a snack, as a variant, allowed its "neighborhood" with a chocolate dessert (e.g., Internet) or coffee, but certainly not with a slice of lemon, as do many following the example of the last Russian Emperor. The temperature of the cognac should be room within 18-200 S.


Taking into account the Russian origin of this strong alcoholic drink, the best snack for him will be the same native Russian dishes. The range is extremely wide: all sorts of spicy (and not so) of meat and fish dishes, boiled potatoes, fresh, salted and pickled vegetables, pickled cabbage and salted (or pickled) mushrooms. Before drinking the vodka must be chilled thoroughly, you can even stand it for a couple of hours in the freezer, don't be afraid – will not freeze. And don't forget to chill a small wine glass, of which this ice-cold vodka you will consume.


With regard to this ancient beverage brewed from hops and malt back in ancient times, a good snack to it will be greasy meat and fish dishes, various meats and fowl. Hardly there will be people challenging the appropriateness of crisps, salted nuts or crackers, and dried fish to beer and it is a true classic of the genre. Beer should be cold, no warmer than 80. don't be afraid to experiment with drinks and food, the most important thing is to know when to stop, avoiding overeating and drunkenness. Bon appétit and happy holidays!

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