How to choose chocolate. Chocolate, confectionery and sweet tiles

Why chocolate, this sweet and healthy treat, do not always live up to our taste expectations? The reason is simple – the chocolate should be able to choose.

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Types of chocolate

Bitter dark chocolate has a rich aroma and a bright full-bodied taste, without any impurities, it cannot be confused with other types of chocolate. The minimum content of cocoa products (cocoa paste and cocoa butter) is 60% and in high-quality dark chocolate premium can reach 90%. Sugar in it if is present, in small quantities, so this chocolate is considered the most beneficial to health. Dark chocolate improves blood circulation and perfectly removes physical and mental fatigue, giving instead a feeling of lightness and joy. Its mild and delicate taste of milk chocolate owes to the presence of milk and cream, the sweetness also gives it a decent amount of sugar that is included with this delicacy. The proportion of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter in the formulation of milk chocolate is about one third of its volume, the remaining two thirds will be cream, milk, powdered sugar and lecithin. Use for making white chocolate ingredients white in color and due to its unusual and exotic color. The secret of its ingredients, nobody does, everything is quite simple: milk, cream, cocoa butter and sugar.

What should be the package

The first thing you should pay attention to the quality of printing paper wrappers. Color images should be colorful, and the inscriptions and the text is clear and legible. Under the paper wrapper must be sealed foil wrapper from a chocolate bar to protect from the damaging effects of moisture, light, and just from contamination and deformation. On paper wrapper must contain: trade mark, product name, composition, net weight, bar code, information on the energy value of the product, the name of the manufacturer and its details.

Why do we need information on the composition of the product

Since the most expensive component of chocolate is cocoa butter, some manufacturers to reduce the cost of the product replace it is a relatively inexpensive confectionery fats: palm, soy, sunflower or cottonseed oils. If the composition of chocolate instead of the cocoa butter equivalent is specified, this product, although very similar to real chocolate physical and chemical properties will significantly lose to him in taste and aroma. The name of this product is a confectionery tile. The case is even worse, if on the packaging instead of cocoa butter is specified a replacement – this product absolutely will not melt in your mouth and it literally have to bite your teeth. Aroma and taste of this confection will only remind you of natural chocolate, it would be correct to call this product a sweet tile. If instead of cocoa paste in the list of specified ingredients cocoa powder, representing waste from the processing of cocoa beans, do not buy this "chocolate" — the quality is simply disgusting. Imported chocolates instead of "cocoa powder" will be a combination of "cocoa Vella", which is essentially the same cake, remaining after extraction of oil from cocoa beans.

How to tell a fake taste

Real chocolate from cocoa paste and cocoa butter instantly melts in your mouth, as it has a melting point of 320 C. on the basis of Fake confectionery fats in your mouth to melt, it will stick in your teeth and the flavor will be characteristic – plasticine. When breaking natural chocolate will crack, the fracture surface should be matte, while the surface of the tile must be smooth and glossy. The surrogate will break to pieces quietly, bending slightly at that. White coating on the surface of the chocolate directly will indicate the naturalness of this delicacy, only because this product may be "gray". Whitish plaque – not that other, as white cocoa butter that has risen to the top of the tiles due to high temperature storage. Since the composition of chocolate from the equivalents or substitutes of cocoa oil is not in sight, and to turn white there is nothing. An important indicator of quality and price. Natural chocolate may not be cheap because of the high cost of cocoa beans, brought to us from afar. If the chocolate has a significantly lower price, you can be sure that before you fake and surrogate. Do not store chocolate in the fridge, as the temperature of storage should be in the range of from 15 to 200 C, and humidity do not exceed 75%Let the chocolate purchased by you, will always be of high quality, natural and delicious! Bon appétit!

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