How to make fruit tea. The secrets of making fruit tea

Fruit tea with bright and juicy flavors will not only warm in winter, but will refresh in the summer heat. The main thing is to brew it.

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Fruit tea

Being a long debate, to which kinds of drinks to include fruit tea: teas or fruit drinks? Although the name of the drink and includes the word "tea", in its composition of tea leaves it almost never contains and consists exclusively of pieces of fruit, flowers, leaves and berries. The basis for most fruit compositions is the hibiscus, which imparts a fruity tea with a unique floral special freshness and pronounced acidity. In addition to the sheets of the Sudanese rose, as the basis for fruit blends are sometimes used cinnamon and citrus.

Benefits of fruit tea

Through the gentle drying mode, the leaves and fruit of fruit trees that make up the fruit tea, remain practically unchanged and the amount of all the nutrients, organic acids and vitamins B, C and R. Fruit tea has a tonic and immunostimulirutuyu action. It has no contraindications, drink and children, and the elderly, and pregnant women, with rare cases of individual intolerance or Allergy.


Teapot, porcelain or faience teapot should be preheated, rinse it with boiling water. The fruit mixture in the kettle should be placed, based on the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per Cup of tea. Boiling water for brewing tea should be fresh, that is, boiled only once, and the water to make it – perfectly clean. Should not immediately pour the fruit mixture just prepared with boiling water. The water temperature for brewing should be about 80-850 C, otherwise the essential oils included in the composition of the tea ingredients, when exposed to high temperature instantly evaporate and the tea will lose its unique flavor. Giving the tea stand for 9-10 minutes, you can pour it into cups, which should be preheated, rinse it with boiling water. Next, in small SIPS, slowly drinking fruit tea, getting indescribable pleasure and enjoying every drop of refreshing and life-giving water. Bon appétit!

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