How to choose stainless steel cookware. Criteria for the selection of stainless steel cookware

For the correct selection of stainless steel cookware, in addition to the benefits, you need to know and its possible shortcomings. So, choose cookware made of stainless steel.

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stainless steel Cookware

Advantages of the stainless steel pans were observed almost immediately after a method of adding iron to the different parts of the chromium, Nickel and manganese was established a new type of alloy steel that has high corrosion resistance, and therefore called stainless or stainless steel. This cookware was not afraid of rust, not faded, easy to clean and wash themselves, have an attractive appearance. However victorious procession of the stainless cookware has been suspended because of the low thermal conductivity of stainless steel tableware slowly and unevenly heated, causing the food prepared in it, always burn. Saved this stalemate the invention of pots with a false bottom, in which between two layers of stainless steel is placed a layer of metal with high thermal conductivity is aluminum, copper or bronze.


The bottom of stainless steel cookware can be not only three and five, but even seven. In a pan with five - and seven-layer bottom in aluminum heat distribution layer optionally install a steel disc with a thickness of about 2 mm to increase the heat storage properties of the bottom. Therefore, if the bottom of the stainless steel is thin, and the ware is light, give up the choice of kitchen utensils. Prefer cookware with a thick multi-layered encapsulated bottom. In addition to the uniformity of the heating, thermal storage encapsulated bottom cookware like this saves gas or electricity, giving you the option to turn off the stove for a few minutes before the food is ready.

wall Thickness

Tableware of stainless steel may be molded and stamped. Kitchenware cast, taking into account its cost, mainly used by professionals. A wide range of people are available in pressed ware from stainless steel with a more reasonable price. Cast cookware will have a sufficient wall thickness but the wall thickness of the pressed ware some unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to save money, damaging its quality and functionality. Remember: wall thickness stainless steel pot should be at least 0.5 mm, ware premium to be not less than 0.8 mm, and pressure cookers and coffee makers must be greater than 1 mm. As for the bottom, no matter how attractive and enticing was the price, do not buy cookware with a thick bottom heat distribution layer of less than 3 mm.

surface Quality

The surface of stainless steel cookware needs to be sanded and polished so that its surface no dents, projections, gouges and scratches. Any error in the surface operation will play against you – dirt to accumulate and allocate in a food heavy metals. Perfectly polished surface is always matte, and luster. It is not only beautiful, but also practical. Since matte surface cools faster than the mirror, the food in the cookware with a shiny mirror surface will remain warm longer than the same, but with a matte finish.

and Cover different things

Most of the lids for stainless steel cookware is made of heat-resistant transparent glass for easy monitoring of cooking process. The main requirement for such covers is they should fit snugly to the pot or pan. Be superfluous and little things like the hole in the lid to allow steam to escape, wooden or plastic handle that allows you to take the pot with your bare hands, handle that pushes the lid of the pan during the draining of hot liquids and much more. Never buy cookware made of stainless steel on street natural market or in underground transition, prefer specialty stores — the presence of counterfeit and substandard goods in them is simply impossible.Let the stainless steel cookware pleases you for its durability, eco-friendliness and ease of care, and the dishes cooked in it will always appetizing and delicious! Bon appétit!

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