How to choose a cheese. How to avoid mistakes when choosing the cheese

Instead of fresh and quality cheese not to buy a product of questionable freshness, with a variety of food additives, to choose it should be able to.

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cottage Cheese

A fermented milk product, which is the curd that contains lactic acid bacteria, normalizing the gastro-intestinal tract, and the mineral substances, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, the amino acid methionine and the protein represented in it, easily and quickly absorbed by the body. However, in case of violation of technological process or conditions of storage, the cheese in addition to beneficial lactic acid bacteria may be present outside microorganisms as yeast or Escherichia coli. The need for a large number of raw milk for cooking leads to the fact that cottage cheese is often the forgery and falsification, when costly milk fat substitute a cheaper vegetable, and to increase the product's shelf life and taste of concealing flaws in its composition is administered in a range of preservatives, stabilizers and flavorings.

cottage cheese at the store

When buying cheese in the store or supermarket should prefer the product in a clear plastic package or in package from parchment paper, impregnated with wax. In no case do not take milk product in wet or soft pack, because in violation of its tightness, there is no guarantee that the cheese is not trapped pathogens from the outside. Carefully read the product title. This curd should be written the word "quark". All the other "cheese products, curds and curd cheeses" contain, at best, only half of this cheese. On the label should include detailed information about the manufacturer of the cheese, the energy value of the product, its fat content and composition. In the product should be given only milk and fermented milk ferment but them in the ingredients list of high quality cheese more than anything to not be. Shelf life of natural product may not exceed one week, a longer shelf life directly points to the use of preservatives.

the Selection of cheese on the market

In the first place must be given to the quantity of curd, which is available from the seller. If more than 10 kg, it is unlikely that one trader was so much milk, which could be making a large batch of fermented milk product. Most likely, he collected it for several days to then be shipped to the market. The exceptions are farms, where daily volumes of dairy products allow you to prepare a significant amount of cheese. Some of the market vendors to increase the amount of curd products mix it in the semolina. To recognize such a simple trick – a natural product when cutting fairly large breaks down into granular chunks and cottage cheese with added semolina crumble into small pieces. At the same time ease when cutting the curd may indicate old Packed product, and excessive looseness on his Perissinotto, low fat content and low nutritional value. About the beginning of turning sour curd will bear witness to smooth the edges of the cut. Color quality of fresh and cottage cheese – white with a cream shade. Yellow, gray or blue shades of lactic acid product will indicate that stale or spoiled. The heterogeneity of color of cheese head will give out unscrupulous sellers, I mixed the product with fresh stale. Tasting the cheese and feeling a little sour, you can be sure of its freshness. If the product is noticeably sour or even bitter, the cheese is old and pretty spoiled. Some retailers, trying to hide the sour taste of curd, add sugar, know about it and go around sweetened cottage cheese side. The smell of fresh cheese – creamy, with delicate acidity and stale and spoiled – sharp, which rises in the nose. A truly high-quality fermented milk product has a uniform consistency with a granular texture, with a good curd when pressed on his grain patterns easily mix with others. Too dry, crumbly cottage cheese lasts longer but creates difficulties during the preparation of culinary dishes. Liquid and formless curd is evidence that the dry curd was diluted or disturbed signal that the product began to sour. The best way to get fresh and quality cheese is to prepare it yourself! Remember, the curd is very delicate and perishable product, in violation of the temperature regime and storage time it is quickly becoming hazardous to health, turning into poison.

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