How to cook pilaf pork. Improvisation on the theme of classic pilaf

In the classic version as the meat is used for pilaf lamb, but if you replace it with pork, the taste of the finished dish will exceed all your expectations!

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Many people do not like the taste of lamb, besides, it is not always possible to buy, some people are just used to pork or beef, most likely, for these reasons, the pilaf recipe of pork has become so popular. If pork is too fatty for you, you can use a mixture of pork and beef, lay them in a dish in a ratio of 2:1 or even 1:1.

prep work

The rice elongated in the amount of 0.5 kg thoroughly washed in water, changing the water several times. I advise you not to neglect this procedure and to wash the rice at least 5-6 waters, as this will directly affect the final result. After washing, pour the rice water so that the water covered him from the top about a couple of inches. While the rice is soaking, proceed to cut a pound of meat in small equal pieces, the size of which is define yourself based on your own taste and culinary preferences. As for the set of spices for pilaf, you can use either a ready-made set in package bought in a store or prepare it yourself by mixing approximately equal amounts of cumin, paprika, dried barberry, turmeric, and dried tomatoes.

Prepare zirvak – gravy for pilaf

We set up to fire cast-iron cauldron with a minimum capacity of 5 liters and pour in 150 ml of vegetable oil. It is advisable to use cast-iron cauldron, since the thick walls of pilaf in it will be cooked evenly and is guaranteed not to burn. Warming-up in the pots of oil, it is very important not to burn through. To determine the point of oil will help a makeshift indicator of the bulbs. Throwing in oil half small onion, watching her. Once the onions become slightly browned and Golden, extracted it from the pot and put in it the sliced meat. While the meat is fried, cut into small pieces 300 g onions and the same number of carrots. The carrot is preferable to cut them into strips. Spatula, periodically stir the meat, ensuring uniform Browning. After about 10 minutes, when the meat is browned, add in the cauldron chopped onion and passeruem it within 10 minutes. No need to fry the onions until Golden brown, would become barely noticeable yellowish tint, or in the process of further cooking the gravy it will burn. Put in pot shredded carrot and continue to fry the base of the gravy for 7-8 minutes, stirring it constantly. Add 1 teaspoon seasoning for pilaf and 1 teaspoon of salt, mix well and pour boiling water so that water is lightly coated all the ingredients in a cauldron. Don't forget to cover the pot with a lid and boil on low heat in the gravy for 20 minutes. In the case of beef or mutton, the cooking time should increase by half.

the Final part of cooking

After the specified time, open the lid of the pot and pour the finished gravy in the previously soaked rice. Rethrownew his shoulder spilling on top with an even layer of 2 teaspoons of salt, add in another cauldron of boiling water so that the rice was covered with water about a couple of inches. Covering the cauldron with a lid, cook the pilaf on low heat for 20 minutes, and then remove the cover and formed on the surface of the rice small hill, collecting rice spatula from the edges of the pot to its centre. To repeat formation of a mound of rice is needed every 5 minutes for about 20 minutes, giving the possibility to evaporate excess liquid and allowing the rice to stick together. If, despite the measures taken by the evaporation of excess liquid at the bottom of the pot still has a small amount of water to get rid of it, doing a narrow knife a few holes in the rice and letting it cook for another 5 minutes. After removing the cauldron from the heat, allow the pilaf to potamitissa from its own heat for 10 minutes, and then, swallowing protruding mouth water in anticipation of Goodies, spread the pilaf on plates. Bon appétit!

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