How to make roast potatoes. The secret of crispy potato crust

There is hardly a person who can remain indifferent at the sight of fragrant fried potatoes with a crispy Golden crust. Let us prepare for his and we.

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Selecting and preparing potatoes

The most suitable for frying potatoes will be slightly or srednerusskaya varieties, such potatoes in the roasting process will not fall to pieces, and most will retain their original shape. After washing the potatoes, remove them from the peel, cut out the eyes and cut. Variants of cutting of the "second bread" a few. Some cut the potato slices, others into cubes, and others – cubes, fourth – slices. We focus on cutting in the form of straw. Despite the abundance of options, there is one requirement: cut the potato slices should be thin, because a too large cubes or thick strips fry uniformly unlikely. To remove excess potato starch, shredded potatoes fill with cold water and leave for half an hour. To keep sliced potatoes in water is not recommended – water from the potatoes will become too hard. After this time water must be drained, and the potato slices to dry.

Selecting the pan and oil for frying

For frying potatoes you should prefer a cast iron pan with thick walls, this pan can provide even toasting of the future Goodies. In the classic version of cooking as the oils used sunflower refined oil. This is true from the standpoint of proper nutrition, but to give fried potatoes a special taste and aroma to vegetable oil it is advisable to add a little butter or lard, or even better – both. Note: when grilling potato just with butter or oil slices it will inevitably get burnt, sticking to the surface of the pan.


Putting the pan on the fire and filling it with oil, do not rush to immediately put in the potatoes, the oil should be allowed to deteriorate. A signal sufficient to heat the oil will be barely perceptible bluish smoke, appeared over the pan. Once the pan is thoroughly warmed and the oil has heated, it's time to place the slices of potato. To the fried potatoes had a delicious crust, place it in the pan with a thickness not more than 2-3 layers. Don't rush to add salt to the food, otherwise the salt will keep the potato slices in the liquid and the finished product will turn loose and watery. It should not be too often to stir the potatoes in the roasting process. Seeing that the bottom part of the slices acquired an even Golden color, wooden paddle should lift, and then a slight movement to turn the bottom layer of the potato so that fried layer is on top and the bottom of the pans took raw potatoes. To avoid sticking and burning of the potato to the surface of the pan during roasting is necessary to periodically shake. With the same purpose should be avoided renewal of oil to the pan during cooking, otherwise the potato slices will stick to the polished surface of the pans. To facilitate formation of a crisp, lightly sprinkle the potatoes with flour. For a few minutes until ready potatoes should be salted, sprinkled with finely chopped onions or garlic for a couple of minutes cover the pan with a lid for prosushivanija almost ready meals. Left spread the potatoes on plates, add at your discretion meats, fish, cheese, herbs, vegetables or mushrooms and enjoy the incredible taste of this simple, and at the same time, unusual, dishes. Bon appétit!

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