How to make condensed milk at home. Prepare condensed milk for yourself

Order to feel already rather forgotten partially taste of this "Soviet" condensed milk, it is necessary to prepare it yourself, especially because it is very simple.

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Of course, it's easier and faster to buy ready-made condensed milk at the store or supermarket. But one troubling question: "how Much in such a condensed milk contains natural milk?" It's no secret that to reduce the cost of raw materials for the production of condensed milk and increase profit, many unscrupulous manufacturers in the recipe replace some of the milk with vegetable fat. In addition, to know the composition and the exact number of food additives used for the preparation of condensed milk, it is practically impossible. So what to do? The only answer is to cook condensed milk on their own!


For the preparation of condensed milk will need 1 liter of milk and 1 Cup sugar. As for sugar: for cooking condensed milk is preferable to use cane sugar, which has a more intense taste and with a stronger crystallization. In relation to milk one rule – the fatter the milk, the condensed milk will be tastier. With the aim of increasing the fat content of milk will be justified add to the milk cream with subsequent thorough mixing.


Pouring the milk into a saucepan, put it over a fire. Adding sugar to the milk, stir it carefully. Once the milk boils, the fire should be reduced and continue cooking for about 1 hour, periodically stirring the contents of the pan. How do you know that condensed milk is already ready? Evidence of condensed milk will decrease its volume is about three times compared to the initial amount of raw materials. If the pan is vitogo 1 litre of milk has stayed about 350-400 ml of milk powder, condensed milk time to remove from heat. Cooked condensed milk that has acquired a soft cream shade, you need to pour in a glass jar and after cooling the finished product to put it in the fridge. Take the condensed milk from the jar only clean and dry spoon. Bon appétit!

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