How to pickle red fish at home. Prepare the delicacy for yourself

To prepare ham with your hands, sasalu trout, salmon, pink salmon or chum salmon, is a snap. All you need is salt, sugar and ... a bit of work.

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Homemade salted red fish will delight you with its heavenly taste, unlike purchased in supermarket or store industrial product with the title of "salted salmon" or "trout salt". The main incentive for the development of technology, home-pickled fish is that kind of store-bought red fish unnaturally saturated and colorful, and the shelf life is more than a month. It is unlikely the producers were able to dispense with the use of sodium benzoate and other food additives.


Excellent pickling at home almost all varieties of salmon: chum, salmon, trout, salmon, Steelhead, and sockeye. The main condition when choosing a red fish – it should be fresh and of high quality. Fish can be both frozen and chilled, but she in any case should not be thawed. To buy a whole fish or part of the carcass is up to you to decide, proceeding from financial possibilities and considerations of expediency.

prep work

Frozen fish should be thawed in a natural way, without subjecting to heat. The whole fish is necessary to remove the head, which subsequently will get a great ear. Using kitchen scissors, cut off the fins, slit lengthwise with a knife should be cut open the belly and remove the insides. If inside were the eggs, carefully pour over boiling water, if the fish abdomen was soft ROE, they should be wiped by removing the slime and leftover fish parts. And milt, and then the caviar can be salted together with a fish carcass. Having dealt with the innards, it's time to move on to the most responsible work – the separation of backbone and bones from the meat. The result of painstaking work should be a fish carcass, freed from all superfluous. Do not remove the skin from the carcass after salting it comes off much easier and without unnecessary waste of time.


Prepare the mixture for salting is quite simple: 1 kg fish need to mix 2 large tablespoons of cooking salt with 1 tablespoon sugar. Why is it necessary coarse salt? Because it perfectly absorbs from fish excess moisture and the fish would be salted in its own juice. Small salt perform such work will not be able. To the prepared mixture, you can add store-bought spices for fish or a few peas of fragrant black pepper in the company of Laurel leaves, but I can assure you – for a decent taste would be enough salt with the sugar. Evenly sprinkle the fish carcass from all sides with the mixture, and even better – it rubbed the fish, place carcass in the container made of plastic or enameled steel, putting cargo on top. After enduring an hour or so the container with the fish in a warm place, you can move it to a cooler location – the fridge.

Final part

Usually for pickling pieces of red fish weighing 200-300 g enough 24 hours.If fish carcasses have turned out to be much larger for the full prokalivanie need to increase this time by half or even tripled. Pulling the carcass out of the fridge, remove their hide, then they should lightly rinse and dry with a paper towel, and then, to avoid drying out, brush with vegetable oil. Red fish is ready to eat! Bon appétit!

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