How to choose disposable tableware. The details of the choice of disposable tableware

Being economical and easy to use, disposable tableware allows you to save both time and money. The main thing – correctly to choose.

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At the present time, manufacturers of disposable tableware significantly expanded the range of products, so now, in addition to the traditional cups, plates and Cutlery are available in various containers, bowls and containers of all shapes and sizes. Disposable tableware by type of raw material from which it is made, can be divided into paper and plastic.

Paper tableware

The main advantage of paper tableware – friendliness. The cardboard used for its production, does not pollute the environment and disposed of easily enough. Despite more modest in comparison with disposable plastic utensils range of paper plates and cups do not break and do not burn hands. This cookware, when heated, does not emit harmful substances, so for children it is advisable to use only her.

Plastic utensils

Tableware made of polystyrene, labeled PS, is usually a snow-white color, although sometimes painted in other bright colors. It is important to remember that this cookware is not intended for hot meals and drinks, as from exposure to temperatures above 400 C, it is deformed. Do not contact container made of polystyrene with alcoholic drinks and juices with high acidity, otherwise, under their influence of plastic can be a toxic substance styrene. Neutral cold drink left in the Cup labeled PS, a day will become toxic. All of the above does not mean that polystyrene tableware panic should be avoided – enough to use it considering its features. Polypropylene dishes labeled PP, unlike utensils made of polystyrene is transparent, supple to the touch and doesn't crunch under deformation. It is resistant both to high and to low temperatures, and therefore has absolutely no contraindications for use. Dishes made of polypropylene is resistant to aggressive liquids, it is safe to pour alcohol, and citrus juices. Marking the EPS is applied to the ware made of Styrofoam. It is safe and environmentally friendly. Remains rigid and retains its shape even under high temperatures. When choosing disposable tableware, be sure to pay for the presence on it of a special sign "glass-fork", confirming the suitability of its use for food purposes. Don't forget what this dish is called disposable for a reason. External protective layer on its surface in the process of using inevitably collapses, opening the access to food of harmful chemicals: formaldehyde, phenol, lead and cadmium. Therefore using disposable dishes, do not wash it and give it for recycling. Smoke from disposable plastic tableware is extremely poisonous! Do not burn it!

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