How to choose a thermos. The secrets of proper selection of thermos

The thermos does not leak and long kept the heat carefully to its purchase and use our tips on choosing quality thermos.

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Types of flasks

Depending on the destination there are thermoses for drinks and for food. Outwardly, they differ markedly, because the thermos for tea, coffee and other beverages have a narrow neck. Of thermoses for food neck much wider, it makes the process of loading and unloading food from the thermos more convenient, but at the same time accelerates the cooling of food. The duration of maintaining the temperature of hot food in a thermos depends on how it's loaded with food. Fill the thermos with food completely or use a small thermos container. The fact that the air in the partly filled thermos will noticeably accelerate the cooling of food.

the Material of the flask

Previously almost all flasks thermoses were made of glass. They are well washed, do not hold odors, but they are too fragile. The fall of the thermos even with a small height is often sufficient, in order that the glass bulb was shattered into pieces, making the thermos unfit for further use. Not afraid of blows, falls and other mechanical effects of modern thermoses with a metal flask. However, they laundered harder than glass, and musty odor can accumulate if you keep them tightly closed. The budget thermoses happen instances, the bulb of which is made of plastic, coated with a mirror coating. Avoid the purchase of thermos flasks with these because over time the coating will start to flake off and contaminate the liquid inside the flask.


From what thermos stopper, will directly depend on its reliability and ease of use. Classic version – screw tube without valves and buttons. Due to the simplicity of the tube design this thermos never leaks, not afraid he tilts the flask, nor her flipping upside down. Tube with a button much easier to screw your cousin, because to pour from a thermos of tea or coffee, no need to Unscrew the tube — enough clicking the button to open the valve inside the tube. Have tubes with buttons drawbacks — quite often happen of breakage and clogging of the valve by welding. In the first and in the second case, the valve performs its function is not fully or not at all performs, but because medosmotre and accidentally tilting or putting down the thermos horizontally, you can go without tea, as it from the thermos will leak out.

additional note

When buying a thermos open the tube and smell to the air inside the flask. In the presence of pronounced chemical smell no regrets just bring it back on store shelf. Easily shake the thermos a few times, checking if all its parts fit. Make sure that tube is tight to the flask, and on the body of the thermos has no cracks, chips and dents. To check the quality of insulation of a thermos can only be bringing it home, filling with boiling water and closing the tube. If after 10-15 minutes the walls of the thermos from the outside will heat up considerably, you know – you chose poorly thermos, the liquid which will quickly cool. The thermos with excellent insulation of walls in any case should not be heated.Have you selected the thermos serves you long and well, warming you hot fragrant tea or coffee! Bon appétit!

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