How to make meat softer. Use marinades to soften meat

For pork tenderloin, lamb, chicken or duck, and especially beef, were juicy and soft, they need a little "pokoldovat" with the marinades.

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Sometimes it happens that bought in the supermarket or at the market is fresh and attractive appearance of the meat during the cooking process turns into tough and alapetite dish. This occurs most often with beef while it is roasting or sautéing, although it happens with other types of meat. Is everything so hopeless? Don't worry, there is a solution – that the meat was tender and juicy, it prior to cooking you need to marinate. All of the following marinades recipes the amount of ingredients listed for the same amount of meat weighing 1 kg. Meat before marinating should be cut to the desired size.

Milk marinade

500 ml of kefir or curdled milk mixed with the same quantity of mineral water with gas (Perrier must be with gas!), add salt, freshly ground black pepper and other spices to your liking. Mix well the marinade to the acquisition of the homogeneity of the composition and place the meat in the marinade for 2-3 hours. After this time the meat from the marinade removing, dry cloth and begin frying.

Marinated fruit

2 kiwi fruit peel and grate on a coarse grater. Add 1/3 teaspoon of salt, a little freshly ground white pepper and dry rosemary. Instead of kiwi you can use the papaya fruit, the effect and the taste turn out no worse. In thoroughly mixed the marinade to submerge the meat from half an hour to an hour, but no more. Retrieved from marinade pieces of meat dry with a napkin and place it on a heated pan.

Marinated in beer and mustard

A glass of dark beer (you can use light, but the taste will be is just not the same) to be mixed with 1/2 teaspoon salt. To pieces of meat to put on all sides with mustard and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Pour meat mix beer with salt. After 3-4 hours the meat from the marinade, remove, dry and begin to heat treatment.

Wine marinade

Mix 0.5 liters of dry white wine and the same amount of mineral water with gas. Add to taste salt, black pepper and dried herbs, mix well. Place the beef in the marinade, stand 5-6 hours, then lightly dry and place on a pan.

a Marinade of vodka and soy sauce

100 ml of vodka, mixed with 150 ml of soy sauce and cooked in the marinade for 1-2 hours to place portions of meat. Then, as usual — a bit dry and fried. Don't be afraid of the pickle liquor. Vodka, beer and wine will make the meat more tender and softer, the alcohol in the process of cooking from the meat evaporates without a trace. If grilled or baked in the oven meat was tough, to give it the desired level of steam bath. On top of the pan of boiling water you need to put the colander, put the meat pieces and top cover. After 15 minutes, extracted from the colander meat will be juicy and soft.Whatever meat you prepared, may they always succeed tender, juicy and delicious! Bon appétit!

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