How to determine the authenticity of butter at home

Despite the fact that on the packaging of some dairy products emblazoned inscription "Butter", as such it can be called only with great reserve.

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Since the cost of butter is high enough due to the large amount of milk necessary for its production, some unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of profit is introduced into the composition of vegetable fats and various food additive, which allows to reduce the cost of its production. To distinguish between natural and high-quality butter from spread, margarine and other dairy products you can at home without carrying out any chemical examinations or tests.

packaging Information

Much information can be gleaned from the inscriptions on the packaging of the oil. If the fat content of the product specified on the label, more than 60%, so in your hands — the butter. The rest or margarine, or spread. Please examine carefully the ingredients of the product. If one of its ingredients is vegetable oil (palm or peanut), real butter this product can be called only conditionally. At the same time look at the expiration date: too long storage of the oil will directly indicate the presence of preservatives. Conversely, the shorter the shelf life, fewer chemicals.


Bringing oil from the store, cut a small piece and put it on a plate. Leave it for an hour at room temperature. Natural butter, unlike the spread, though, and will be soft, but will retain its shape and will not spread on the surface of the plates.

Testing with boiling water

If you pour boiling water a piece of butter, it will quickly melt and flow away on the surface of the water yellow with sparkling droplets. A piece of margarine or spread will continue to swim in hot water almost unchanged, but when you try to stir it with a spoon, will be divided into smaller pieces.


Freezing a piece of test oil in the freezer for 3-4 hours, remove it and try to cut with a knife. Natural oil that does not contain a single drop of vegetable oil will break in pieces and crumble.

Check hot pan

After watching how the process of melting butter on a heated frying pan, can with a high degree of accuracy to determine its quality. High-quality oil in the pan should melt evenly, without the formation of water and whitish foam. The abundance of foam right will point to a surplus in it is whey and not enough milk fat.

the Taste and color

Oil made from high quality cream to the touch should be firm and smooth. The cut should be smooth and shiny, admits of no bundles. You know that nice yellowish color of the oil is achieved only with the use of a dye, a real quality product always has a nearly pure white color. No odor, like color, is also evidence of natural butter. Remember, real butter is not smell. In the mouth fresh butter melts, enveloping the tongue with a soft sweet taste.We wish that your chosen butter was made from fresh quality cream, without adding any other additives! Bon appétit!

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