How to thicken sour cream. Original homemade ways to make sour cream thick

What to do if store-bought sour cream was too liquid? In any case, not to worry and not to panic. To make the cream thicker under the force of each.

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What should be natural sour cream

Natural sour cream is the highest grade should be moderately thick, odor and taste should be light, slightly acidic taste. If instead of the mild acidity is clearly apparent sour taste, this suggests that smetana began to deteriorate. It should be white, glossy and homogenous in structure. The presence of foreign inclusions, faded color and the matte surface will unmistakably indicate the use in the production of thickeners. The structure of this sour-milk product must contain only cream and sour cream starter. Only this product can justifiably be called sour cream, all the rest, containing emulsifiers and stabilizers, can claim only the name "dairy product". Shelf life a natural cream in an airtight container is usually a week, if on its packing specified interval, measured a few weeks, this product may not be natural.

Natural way

The easiest way to thicken the cream is separating excess fluid in a natural way. To do this you must shoot the bottom of the colander with cheesecloth, folded twice or four times (depending on the degree of viscosity of sour cream), insert the colander into the saucepan, pour into it liquid and sour cream to put on 3-4 hours in the refrigerator. After the specified time in the pan to drain the whey, and the colander will remain thick-pregunta sour cream. Method though not fast, but fairly simple and safe.

homemade Natural thickeners

Adding sour cream 1 teaspoon of dried and sifted flour and constantly stirring it, it is possible to achieve the desired consistency. You can thicken the cream to the desired degree of viscosity, and gradually adding thereto freshly squeezed lemon juice. Be careful with lemon juice! Before you drop in the cream a few more drops of juice, stir it thoroughly and wait 1-2 minutes, as the lemon juice thickens the cream immediately. There is another way, which thicken the sour cream and cream thrush, selling these products on the market. He is mixing the sour cream diluted in water starch. Because starch sour cream taste changes significantly, the situation may be improved by adding to the product with powdered sugar or vanilla sugar. In addition to home, there are store-bought thickeners for sour cream and cream from different manufacturers and with different names. They perform their work efficiently and sour cream becomes thicker. But is it healthier? Let the sour cream you bought will always be natural and thick! Bon app├ętit!

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